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From the time we hired Brian as our wedding photographer we were nothing short of impressed. He was incredibly professional and personable, discussing his style of photography while incorporating our thoughts and desired photos for "our big day". He thoughtfully asked for our tentative schedule, particular images we wanted, and the even the names of "key" persons included in our day. With this simple "plan ahead", he and his team knew who were the most important people to us on our wedding day so he (they) could identify them and refer to them personally by name, making them comfortable with their presence. No wedding will ever go as planned perfectly, as any person should know. Their knowledge of key people, times, and other details made Brian and his team incredible flexible for the inevitable changes. For example, my wife (to be) was having a challenge getting all of her family together for pre-ceremony pictures, so wh ile waiting, Brian came and photographed me, the ring barer, and one of my groomsman throwing a Frisbee around killing time, while his associates got the desired photos. The images showed the true essence of the moment. I will be honest, I do not remember seeing him or his team during the ceremony itself. They were all so respectful and conscientious of the importance for that time that we didn't even realize they were there. Only after seeing the final images did we realize they did phenomenal work!! After the ceremony, Brian met us at park for outdoor photos. He and his crew had the necessary equipment to manipulate the natural light to create AMAZING outdoor images. Following that session we arrived at the (not very well-lit) reception hall. The images Brian and his crew were able to capture in such a low-light setting were astonishing to say the least. The pictures of "our first dance", "daddy-daughter", and "mother-son" were absolutely perfect . Every experience we had with Brian was excellent. His professionalism, friendliness, flexibility, and patience are a rarity in today's customer-service based professions. My wife and I were more than satisfied with the service he provided. With all of that said we received our photo gallery of the final products online recently. Words simply can not express our amazement, excitement, and pure satisfaction with the results!!! Every image is crisp and clear with beautiful color tones. The black and white pictures have a contrast like you would find in an art gallery. The style of photography Brian and his team use truly captured the emotion and essence of the day. The candidness and casual style gave an artful elegance to the photos, as opposed to the traditional "stand straight and smile" wedding poses everyone does. I'm sure that if the traditional poses are what you want, they too would turn out amazing. My wife and I will certainly suggest this company to any one in need of their services in a heartbeat. We expected great work, but received beautiful pieces of art that captured perfect moments of our special day. Thank you Brian for an AMAZING job!!
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