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Jamesthe1 Στ {[SigmaTau Entertainment]}
Game programmer, front-end and back-end developer.
Game programmer, front-end and back-end developer.


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I’m in need of a new pinned post, so here we are; welcome to hell and heaven at the exact same time

Some basic stuff:
- Name: James
- Age: 18 (just turned 1 today irl)
- Pursued career: Programmer

Hobbies/Games (ech):
- TF2
- Programming
- SK
- Making music
- Streaming
- Screaming into the void for 27 minutes (varies on the pace my neighbor runs at away from me towards the nearest police station)

+PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}
+Aero The Lugia
+Alycia ღ
+Philip Napier
+DillonSolos ™
+-ˏˋ skylark ˎˊ-
+Benny Bee
+The Lovely Russian
+Chevy W.
+SonicLux Hedgeman

If I forgot you just let me know
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You ever see a single bumper sticker that says everything about one person
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This is what happens in a dictatorship
You get people who unworthy to rule and there’s nothing to hold them back
Fortnite, PUBG, and several other games just got banned in China. Fortnite was banned for "blood and gore" (which isn't present in the game.)

Theory: People in the government saw it as a threat due to its open chat, so now the game is totally banned outright in China. Chinese thought police couldn't moderate it effectively, so now it's banned.

There have been worse reasons for things to be banned, though. Didja hear they banned Winnie the Pooh because the leader couldn't stand the fact that everyone was saying "Hey look our leader looks like Winnie the Pooh."

Pathetic. Everyone in power in that government is pathetic.
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I propose my own idea to use both the imperial and metric systems

Use Fahrenheit for gases and solids, such as the temperature outside, and Celsius for liquids.

Use inches and feet for height of living things, meters for inanimate objects.
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I’ve set up a party with a few of my friends. There were more people than we expected, so our expectations for people to start a straight line weren’t working. We got one-day deliveries for those temporary rails you find at schools during indoor events.

That worked for the most part, except for the one that led to the drinks, especially the fruit punch. We ran out of them and the next set wasn’t coming until after the party ended. For a temporary solution, we tried hiring a few people there to guide the line. That didn’t work; it only made the line more jagged and bundled than ever before.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: We couldn’t get the punchline right.
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A collection of meme formats
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Important stuff too
I’m ending today with some good vibes, and I think you should as well.
Listen to some music that takes you back to happier times. Go for a walk when it’s quiet outside, do something adventurous with your friends, read a book that immerses you in an adventure, try and make yourself happy, even if it only lasts for a little while.
I wish I could be better at helping others and helping them deal with their problems, but I’m so emotionally blunt that I simply don’t know what to say or do to help people.
So I try to just be a decent, humorous person and hope that I can bring cheer to people. Even if it’s through my mass amounts of shitposts and puns.
And sometimes I give advice on how to have fun or to just be happy and hope that someone reads it and gets inspired to give it a shot as well.

I want y’all to be happy, and seeing your angsty or sad posts honestly comes close to breaking my heart. I hope my inane posts and such do something to make you guys feel better.
Stay strong and stay happy my friends.

And if my words can’t cheer you up then maybe a picture of my cousin’s dog will.

she’s a jerk but she’s a cute pup
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