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New article (CATFISH 410 Steven & Samm A Momma's Love) Season 4 Episode 10 of “Catfish” begins with Nev and Max reading out an email they received from Aurora, mother of Steven. She tells Nev and Max that Steven, who lives in Texas, has been interacting with a Californian girl named Samm online.
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #Catfish, #MaxJoseph, #NevSchulman, #TVRecaps Season 4 Episode 10 of “Catfish” begins with Nev and Max reading out an email they received from Aurora, mother of Steven. She tells Nev and Max that Steven, who lives in Texas, has been interacting with a Californian girl named Samm online. She reveals that Steven has been “catfished” before, and therefore she is hesitant with his new relationship with Samm.
Aurora tells Nev and Max that Steven has never dated anyone other than over the Internet. If you can call that dating…
My question is: Steven, what’s wrong with meeting someone the “normal” way? Where you can actually interact with them face-to-face and not simply through emojis and Internet jargon?
Also, this is the third episode in a row where the “bait” is from Texas. What’s wrong with the dating scene over there?!
If its not already embarrassing enough for Steven to have his mom message the Catfish crew, Nev and Max go on a little rant, laughing about how embarrassing Steven’s whole situation is. Showing sensitivity to the whole “catfish” thing is definitely not their strong suit.
However, over video-chat Aurora reveals that Steven is completely aware that she has contacted Catfish and is completely supportive of reaching out for help, as he wants to know if Samm is the real deal or not.
Steven, whose apparently “goo-goo gaa-gaa” over Samm, met her over Twitter when he reached out to her after reading some sad tweets she posted. They began texting constantly and have talked over the phone a handful of times.
Steven goes on to tell Nev and Max that Samm helped Steven get through a “deep depression” he was going through when he learned he was unable to wrestle anymore.
Unsurprisingly, Steven explains how they have tried to video-chat but the “connection always fails.” In terms of pictures, the only ones Samm has sent to Steven are the ones that can be found on her various social media pages.
Now with some background information, the investigation begins…
Despite all the evidence that stacks up against Samm being who she claims to be, Nev and Max find that she has a YouTube channel where she posted videos of her wrestling. This leads them to believe that maybe she isn’t lying about her identity as much as they had initially thought.
They track down Eric, a friend who is tagged in one of her Instagram pictures. Minutes after sending a message to him, Eric calls them and reveals that he used to be in the same wrestling group as Samm in high school.
Eric explains how apparently Samm shared a phone with her friend, Jasmine. Who shares a phone with a friend? Oh, and also Jasmine and Samm apparently have linked Twitter accounts, meaning that both Jasmine and Samm have access to each other’s messages.
This starts the first theory: Jasmine has been acting as Samm and that is why she never wants to video-chat with Steven, because she is a completely different person.
Nev and Max go back to Steven and Aurora’s house and tell them their findings. Immediately Steven is beaming, as Nev and Max tell him how surprised they are to find that all her social media accounts and postings seem to check out. However, they then reveal the whole Jasmine theory.
Here Nev flips out a new move:
He gets Aurora to take a picture of him, Max and Steven and sends it to Samm. Right away, Samm responds and calls Nev’s phone.
At first, Samm is hesitant towards meeting Steven face-to-face, however, she finally agrees to meeting them as she has a “big secret” to reveal to Steven.
The whole crew, including Steven’s mom, packs their things and they fly out to California to meet Samm…or possibly Jasmine.
To everyone’s surprise, except Steven (who is 18 and therefore, believes everything on the Internet must be true), Samm opens the door and she is exactly who she presented herself to be on the web.
Nev then breaks the happy moment between Samm and Steven by asking Samm about Jasmine and presenting the theory they had about the situation. However, Samm reveals that she is the only person Steven has been talking too.
So what’s her big secret?
Well, Samm has been seeing other people off-and-on but has cut all those ties and wants to focus on her relationship with Steven.
Right away, Steven breaks into a huge grin. Hey, she didn’t lie about her identity, just about whether she was seeing other people or not! What’s the big deal right?! Man, he was quick to forgive.
The next day, Steven goes to meet Samm at a local ice cream parlor to talk about their future. Unfortunately, Samm shuts down every hope for a future Steven had. She reveals that she only feels a “friend connection” with him.
At this point, you can pretty much see Steven’s heart shatter. His voice begins to break, as he recounts all their past flirtation over text. However, this doesn’t change anything and Samm explains she is focused on college and her wrestling career.
And that’s the end of that.
Unfortunately, the fact that Steven wasn’t actually “catfished” didn’t stop him from getting his heartbroken. Samm couldn’t get over the fact that they didn’t really know each other as people, only as figments of the Internet.
Well, Steven, if anything is a sign to date people you can actually meet, I believe it is this.
Lesson learned, I hope.
Now for those of you that claim Catfish is all fake, here’s a story that will probably make you jump with glee. We don’t know if MTV twisted this story around without telling Nev and Max or if they knew this too. Hopefully not in the later case, but the real Samm quickly jumped online and did an interview with Catfish fans to set the record straight. Here’s what she had to say.
Samm did an interview with Catfish Fans in which she talked at length about the plot switcheroo as well as a number of other things, like what she’s been up to since the show and what it was like to actually wrestle Steven! Here’s her synopsis of how she and Steven met and how their relationship developed:
And here’s my real story on how everything lead to Catfish: a year ago, I had just gone to girls wrestling state championship. I lost my final match and it was the most devastating thing ever. I went on Twitter and tweeted how sad I was, then I get a message from a random guy asking if everything is okay. Most guys message me saying “hey lets chill” or “your hot hmu”, so for a guy to ask me about how I’m feeling, was different. So I replied and gave him my number. He texted me and he told me he was a wrestler so for a week straight we texted nonstop about wrestling! We started to get to know each other. But in the midst of all that, I got back together with my boyfriend of 4 years. I told Steven about him, and I would tell him what went on. My boyfriend of 4 years started to get abusive… hitting, kicking, throwing things, choking, and almost having me go to the hospital. I would tell Steven about these incidents on a daily basis. Steven hated it so much, and I hated to disappoint Steven by being with such a horrible person… So eventually I told Steven that I broke up with him. But it wasn’t true. I stayed with my boyfriend for two more months until I couldn’t take it anymore. We broke up on Valentines Day 2015. I did tell Steven when we filmed Catfish. But the catfish story they aired isn’t close to what the true story is. Me and Steven have always been best friends and not really romantic. And that’s why on the show I said we were friends but they made it seem like a horrible thing, but I expect to be best friends with him for life.
about catfish: the tv show
From the producers of the acclaimed documentary film, “Catfish,” comes a new MTV series that brings together couples who’ve interacted solely through their LCD screens. Over the course of months or years – these romantics have become smitten – but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?
In each episode, with the guidance and help of the star of the “Catfish” movie, Nev Schulman, and his filmmaking pal, Max Joseph, a hopeful romantic partner will go on an emotional journey to discover the truth about their significant other. Has that object of affection been telling the truth? Will true love truly blossom? When that fateful knock on the front door finally comes – only one thing is certain – that these incredible voyages will be filled with mystery, uncertainty, forgiveness, joy, and sometimes, even shocking revelations.
catfish [kat-fish] verb: To pretend to be someone you’re not online by posting false information, such as someone else’s pictures, on social media sites usually with the intention of getting someone to fall in love with you.
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New article (BACHELOR IN PARADISE 203: Surprise, More Guests Arrive) Episode 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise” picks up right where it left off last week. The Bachelor and Bachelorettes congratulate themselves for making it another week.
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #BachelorInParadise, #Featured, #TVRecaps Episode 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise“ picks up right where it left off last week. The Bachelor and Bachelorettes congratulate themselves for making it another week.
However, not everyone is so cheery as Lauren starts breaking down and tells her sister Ashley I. that she wants to leave. Lauren explains “I’m sweaty, I’m hot and I am sick of being around people all the time.” Well Lauren, I don’t know what Bachelor in Paradise you were watching last season, but this is kind of what you signed up for.
Ashley tries to talk her sister into staying and start enjoying her self. Eventually, Lauren agrees to stay in hopes of Joshua from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season showing up the following day.
The Lauren drama doesn’t stop there though. She spills that she has a man back home who she is “crazing in love with,” but “wouldn’t call him [her] boyfriend.” According to Lauren, the guy also is already involved with another girl. For a girl who gets so upset being a second-choice, it is quite surprising she chooses to be one back home.

Anyways, the new additions finally arrive to paradise and the two men to join the Paradise crew are Joe and (surprise, surprise) Joshua, both from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season.
Right when they get there, Ashley pulls Joshua away and tells him that the whole reason her sister came to Paradise was to meet him.

Following this, Lauren makes her move on Joshua and asks him if he likes “aggressive girls”. Apparently this is how Lauren starts conversations when she is “nervous.” Unfortunately, her conversation isn’t all too captivating and Tenley swoops in and steals Josh away.
JJ, who gave Tenley his rose in the last ceremony, is upset when he sees Tenley and Josh going off to talk. This is when we get the first real look at frat-boy JJ, who throws a swirl of insults about Josh to the one-on-one cameras.
(Note: Josh and JJ already didn’t like each other too much when they were on the Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette).
Eventually Josh who came to Paradise with a date card, asks Tenley to join him. JJ catches wind of this and assures the other guys that he isn’t threatened as giving Josh a date card is like “giving nuclear codes to an insane asylum.”
Lauren sticks to her word and despite Ashley’s begging, she packs her things and leaves paradise. However, it doesn’t seem like any of the other people really care.
Unfortunately, while all of this is happening, Joe is making an incredibly bad first impression. It isn’t his entire fault since all of guys have been hyping him, saying he is “incredibly funny,” but when he arrives he is boring, off-putting and relatively rude (he called out Clare for being on the show 3 times, although it was an easy dig).
Clare did not take this dig lightly and ends up talking to a raccoon. Yes, you read that right. She tells the raccoon that it’s her “only friend,” as she feels yet again she’s not making a connection with anyone.
In the meantime, Joe is somewhat trying to find someone to share his date card with. He basically just states to the group that he needs someone to go horseback riding and Juelia decides to take the plunge and volunteers to go. Jonathan is not too happy with her, and jokes that Joe should fall off the horse and breaks his legs. However, his wish was oddly specific and repeated, so I have to speculate that he actually wanted it to happen.
When Tenley and Josh return from their date, JJ right away tries to claim his woman and has a quick make out session with her, however as soon as he goes to sleep she is back in Joshua’s half-naked arms.
Joe and Juelia get back from their date and right away everyone notices that Juelia is infinitely happier about it than Joe.
Juelia decides to end her previous fling with Jonathan, as she is clearly infatuated with Joe. Meanwhile, as Juelia is off telling everyone how “genuine” Joe is, Joe is shown having a conversation with a producer questioning Juelia’s intelligence and saying that kissing her “wasn’t good.”
Meanwhile, Clare and Jared begin getting close as they connect around the fire pit on the beach. Jared is given the next date card and to Ashley I.’s surprise, he asks Claire. Ashley is shocked, claiming that Clare (who is 34)’s “eggs are almost dead,” and is much too old for Jared. At the same time, Mikey gets mad at Clare, whom he thought was relatively committed to being with him (once again he has been ignoring all of her clear hints that she is not into him).
The episode ends how it began: in tears.
The crying this time around is coming from Clare, Mikey and Ashley I.
Watch what happens next tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC.
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New article (GOODNIGHT MOMMY Must Watch Trailer) “Goodnight Mommy” is being called “the scariest trailer ever.” That’s a pretty high honor, but to see why people are saying that you need to actually see the trailer for yourself.
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #Featured, #GoodnightMommy, #MovieTrailers, #SusanneWuest, #VeronikaFranz “Goodnight Mommy” is being called “the scariest trailer ever.” That’s a pretty high honor, but to see why people are saying that you need to actually see the trailer for yourself. It’s apparently so scary to some people that there are reaction videos popping up all over the place. The film is making itself a cult classic and it hasn’t even opened yet! It’s a foreign film about two little boys who live on a lonely little countryside awaiting the return of their mother from the hospital.
Why the hell didn’t these children have someone looking out for them while their mother was away?
Anyway, when their mother comes back, nothing is the same. Their mother’s face is wrapped up in white bandages and she is acting completely different from what the children are used to. The children see their mother do strange things like walk around the house and completely ignore them, lay in bed all day and go in to the woods all night. The mother is creepy, but there’s something about the children that is equally as creepy. To know that these children are wandering around the house all by themselves and being ignored by their mom…is just…weird. Later in the trailer we see brief shots of the kids wearing creepy masks, performing scary rituals and hovering over their mother with  those same creepy masks,
That’s certainly not the scariest part. One of the strangest and most creepy parts of the trailer happens when the mother goes out in to the woods with her underwear on and those gross bandages across her face. We see her slowly walk out there during what looks like dusk and her head start shaking violently in all different direction.
The other scariest part of the trailer is when the boys put a cockroach on their “mother’s” chest. The cockroach climbs up her chest and near her mouth. The entire time, I’m screaming: “no, no, no! Don’t go in her mouth!” Not only does the cockroach go in her mouth, she chews on it loudly! Ugh. This gave big shivers. I can watch a movie with rats all day. I can never watch a movie with too much focus on cockroaches. A short clip in the trailer shows that there is at least one other scene with a swarm of cockroaches. I want to see this movie so bad, but cockroaches might be a deal breaker. Whoever put this trailer together put together all the right clips because people are completely freaking out over it! I love horror films, but we all know that foreign films do it best!
This film does seem to be a slow burner. I think audiences will have to be patient with this film and should not expect a fast pace or slasher tone. If the trailer is an equal representation of what the film will be like, I think we have a new horror cult classic on our hands.
Twin boys who do everything together, from collecting beetles to feeding stray cats, welcome their mother home after her reconstructive surgery. But with her face wrapped in bandages, and her demeanor distant, they grow suspicious of her identity.
Release date: September 11, 2015 (USA)
Goodnight Mommy Movie Trailer

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New article (Donald Trump's Deviance & Caitlyn Jenner's Women Only Policy: Celebrity Gossip) After the Republican presidential candidate debate, Donald Trump sparked controversy when he said that Fox News host Megyn Kelley had “blood coming out of her whatever.”
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #CaitlynJenner, #Celebrities, #DonaldTrump, #Featured, #IAmCait, #MegynKelley, #RepublicanParty After the Republican presidential candidate debate, Donald Trump sparked controversy when he said that Fox News host Megyn Kelley had “blood coming out of her whatever.” Donald said this as a response the to Megyn’s series of questions about Donald’s past insults regarding women.
However, on Sunday at NBC’s Meet The Press, Donald clarified that his comment was not about menstruation, which is what most people assumed he was referring to. This assumption even caused Erick Erickson to disinvite Trump to the RedState Gathering.
Donald clarified what he meant by his remarks, saying:
“All I said is, ‘There was blood—‘ essentially, ‘there was blood pouring out of her eyes and there was blood—‘ and then I said, you know what, I want to get onto the next sentence, because frankly I don’t have to talk about blood coming out of her ears and her nose. Which is a very common statement.”
Trump spoke further on the controversy, telling Todd:
“There’s nothing to apologize for. I thought she asked a very, very unfair question. What I said was totally appropriate, there was nothing wrong. Only a deviant, I literally mean that, only a deviant would think anything other than that. What I said was totally fine.”
Throughout the NBC interview, Trump remained unapologetic as he said, “I apologize when I’m wrong, but I haven’t been wrong.”
Towards the end of the NBC event, Trump assured interviewers, “I went to the Wharton School of Finance, the toughest place to get into. I was a great student. I don’t talk that way.”
Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly has yet to comment on Trump’s remarks.
Either Trump is on damage control or he made a bad mistake in his choice of words. The Republican Party is going to have all of these attempted attacks on Trump backfire on them as it is only making him look like he’s being bullied by the party who loves to bully. For those that keep shaking their heads, saying Trump will never get the nomination, having the Republican Party keep pushing so hard to oust him, you might be shocked with the RNC Convention hits.


For the past few weeks the team behind Caitlyn Jenner’s docu-series I Am Cait have been leading audiences to believe that Caitlyn is trying to better understand her sexuality, and has put into question whether she is attracted to men or women.
However, sources have revealed that Caitlyn is still only attracted to women. This matches the confirmation she gave to her family when they asked during the Diane Sawyer interview. Apparently, Caitlyn is adamant on her sexuality, but realizes pretending to be confused and opening up the idea she may be attracted to men will boost the ratings.
In the recent sneak preview of I Am Cait, Caitlyn is seen saying she can “appreciate the male form.”
Caitlyn has been very open and honest about her journey and different obstacles she faces as she transitions into a woman. Therefore, it is easy to overlook the fact that many aspects of her show are probably orchestrated with ratings in mind.
However, she has been exposed for years to the media manipulation and marketing power of the Kardashian Empire, so she does know a thing or two about working a story.
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New article (Microsoft's Future Is Up In the Clouds) It could have been one of the best mergers of the new millennium. Microsoft and Nokia. Instead, it turned into one of the biggest write-offs in the history of Microsoft. On one side, a giant software company that was late in the tablet game.
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #Android, #Cloud, #Featured, #IPhone, #Microsoft, #Nokia Windows Phone Failure: Microsoft’s Future is up in the Clouds
It could have been one of the best mergers of the new millennium. Microsoft and Nokia. Instead, it turned into one of the biggest write-offs in the history of Microsoft. On one side, a giant software company that was late in the tablet game. On the other, a former giant of a phone company, Nokia, that took its time developing a compelling touch-screen interface. Would anything good come out of two giants cut down to size? Many doubted and many were as hopeful. But yes, good quality Windows Phones. What came out of the Nokia purchase was ripe with potential to challenge the dominance of iPhones and Androids. Unfortunately, this potential was squandered by poor marketing and mismanagement. So now, after a staggering loss of its own making, Microsoft looks up to the cloud for deliverance.
Windows phones were fresh. The tiled interface was quite unique giving easy access to all the phones’ functions and apps. Live tiles wee like Android widgets, except more active. Keeping the screen fresh and different almost every second as well as informing the user of news and status updates. The interface was simplistic and colorful. The Windows Phone OS, coupled with great cameras and quality build were great. Many of those who switched to Windows phones quickly liked it. So what happened? Unfortunately, Windows phones lacked the proper marketing or wasn’t marketed enough. In the world of smartphones, Windows phones only had a three percent market share slightly topped by an equally struggling Blackberry. All this despite good print magazine and blog reviews. As one legendary technology columnist said, Windows Phones were okay. They perform well for their respective price ranges. The problem was they weren’t pushed hard enough into the hands of casual buyers.
“I had a couple of Lumia phone review units a few years ago, including the luxurious Lumia 800 which failed to boot within a month. Because it was sealed, it was apparently impossible to repair. But nobody at Nokia or Microsoft wanted to discuss it. They just wanted the phone back.
That pretty much summarizes the promotional efforts by Microsoft for these phones and this OS. Thus they are never in the conversation. There are no roadshows, there are no people hounding the media to use the phones. As I’ve discussed for years, even the advertising campaigns, while well-produced, were all counter-productive.
Microsoft needs to find the people who orchestrated the Windows 95 rollout. They can’t all be dead. Now that was a group of marketers who could promote.”
–John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine
If you look for Windows Phone commercials in YouTube, you’ll find just a handful of them. A handful of entertaining ones though. Allegedly, when people go look for Windows phones in stores, they get shunted over to the iPhone and Android departments. It’s either a lack of faith of the salespeople or the stigma of the old Windows Mobile. And lastly, the apparent lack of apps. It’s all over the internet. Windows Phones, lack apps. But honestly, consumers don’t need thousands upon thousands of similar picture editors, similar games, similar notepads, similar music players, etc… But that’s reality. Why the lack of apps? Because developers want platform popularity. Why isn’t the Windows phone popular? Because of the lack of marketing and promotion. Windows phones couldn’t gain enough critical mass. But fans don’t fret. Microsoft is still at it, especially now after the release of Windows 10.
Windows 10 is now the focus of Microsoft along with its cloud-based platforms and services. Ever since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the helm, he has been enthusiastically promoting and shifting Microsoft to cloud computing. So far, the cloud has been has nothing but silver linings for Microsoft and the company seeks to keep it that way. Unlike its consumer devices and products, products such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure require a different approach to promotion which Microsoft seems to have a handle in. Microsoft claims to have Azure in 85 percent of fortune 500 companies with 60 percent of that 85 are using two or more cloud solutions. Focus on the cloud and Windows 10 is what Satya Nadella sold to investors after the Nokia write-off.
“We need to own the cloud… The cloud market is being made right now and I promise you, if we don’t own it with the customer, somebody else is going to own it. We have the technology, we have the solutions this is time to own the cloud.”
—B. Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO
They’re serious wit this one, investing tens of billions in beefing up their infrastructure to amp-up their Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure services to compete with Oracle, HP, Google, Amazon and IBM. As they should be after experiencing such a loss with Nokia. Microsoft is currently on a roll with the cloud earning a modest 8 billion dollars for the year. If they don’t waver from their current focus, they expect to earn 20 billion from cloud services by 2018. It shouldn’t be difficult for Satya Nadella since the cloud is his specialty. But just like Coca-Cola, ubiquitous as it is, could still use a promotion or two.
Will the cloud save Microsoft? It could. With all the competition, the company should also focus on quality, promotion, promotion and promotion.
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New article (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS' Profound Effect) When questioned what is the movie that has had the most profound effect on me, I right away thought of the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” starring Will and Jaden Smith.
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #ChristopherGardner, #Featured, #MovieReviews, #ThePursuitOfHappyness, #WillSmith When questioned what is the movie that has had the most profound effect on me, I right away thought of the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” starring Will and Jaden Smith.
The film is based on the memoir of Christopher Gardner. Christopher was living in San Francisco in the 80s when he decided to invest his entire life savings into portable bone-density scanners. Unfortunately, after a while he began having difficulty selling these machines to Doctors, which lead to a very difficult financial struggle for himself, his wife Linda and 5-year-old son, Christopher Jr.
However, Christopher is a very determined and smart individual. While downtown trying to sell his scanner, he meets Jay Twistle who is a manager for a financial firm. He eventually impresses Jay and winds up earning himself an internship at his firm amongst 20 others, in hopes of landing the one paid position as a broker.
Unfortunately, an internship doesn’t pay money and this enrages his wife Linda who is worried for their family’s well being. She winds up moving to New York, leaving her son and Christopher to fend for themselves.
Christopher, now a single dad, sadly ends up becoming homeless with his son, as he is left with $22.
Throughout this tough time, he continues to try and sell the last of his scanners and works hard at his internship, despite his lack of knowledge, experience and time relative to the fellow interns. He decides he will begin making calls to the potentially highest value customers, instead of starting from the bottom of the list like the other job candidates.
With barely anything, but his drive, perseverance and love for his son, Chris is able to win the job position and it is later revealed that he ended up opening his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.
While this film may seem like your typical rag-to-riches story, what stood out to me about it was its ability to tell the story so honestly. Rather than the typical series of downfalls followed by the one big win at the end, The Pursuit of Happyness shows how Gardner’s life was nothing close to a smooth path. The movie shows moments of hope followed by moments of despair, and vice versa, which allows the movie to seem much more realistic.
In addition, in times where you would think that just about anyone would just give up, Chris Gardner showed an inspiring determination. With his wife leaving him, his last bone density scanner broken, living in a shelter, amongst plenty of other issues, Chris never let that impact his confidence in his own ability. He believed he could succeed in his internship and that is all he needed to get out of the hole he found himself in.
A particular scene that stuck out to me not only because it was emotional but also because it was very telling of Chris’ selflessness, was when Chris and his son end up spending the night in a public restroom.  Undoubtedly, this would be a distressing situation for any single father, having to stay with their son in a possibly unsafe setting overnight. However, Chris ensured to make light of the situation, playing games with his son and making sure he felt comfortable and safe, even if he himself didn’t. Throughout the movie, Chris put his son first and never lets him see the true struggles that he was facing on a day-to-day basis.
One of the best lines that embodies Chris Gardner’s strength is when he tells his son, “You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period.” This quote is so relevant, especially in this time of Social Media, where people are able to be anonymous when trying to tear others down. It is so easy for people to tear down others simply because they are envious of their success, or even their potential for success. And unfortunately this can impact someone to stray away from this potential. However, being aware of this and staying focused on what you know you can achieve, will detract from the influence that others can have on your own success.
All in all, while the plot line tells a story that is similar to one that has been told many times before, the way the movie portrays it was very unique and captivating to me. It was intriguing to watch someone with so much faith in themselves and their capabilities, get torn down and “dragged through the mud,” but at the same time remain resilient and hopeful that they will make it through to the other side. And of course, in typical Hollywood fashion, the movie satisfies with a happy ending that shows that continuing the pursuit when everything is seemingly telling you to give up eventually does pay off.
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New article (Donald Trump's Blood Sport With Megyn Kelly & Zayn Malik Unfollows: Celebrity Gossip) At this point it isn’t all too surprising that Donald Trump once again landed himself in hot water following some controversial comments he made after the first GOP presidential candidates debate.
has been published on Movie TV Tech Geeks News #Celebrities, #DonaldTrump, #Featured, #KylieJenner, #MegynKelly, #PerrieEdwards, #RosieDonnell, #ZaynMalik At this point it isn’t all too surprising that Donald Trump once again landed himself in hot water following some controversial comments he made after the first GOP presidential candidates debate.
On Thursday, Donald Trump joined 9 of the other top Republican presidential candidates for the debate, as numerous mediators asked some hard-hitting questions, including Fox News host Megyn Kelly.
Trump showed frustration and anger as Megyn grilled him on several of his past quotes. Megyn questioned his view and acceptance of women after bringing up a quote from his past where he called a Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig, slob and disgusting animal.” She also brought up a quote from his TV show The Celebrity Apprentice where he claimed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville would look better “on her knees.”
While most of the public viewed Megyn’s questions as fair and important, Trump didn’t view it this way and explained during the debate that he thought she was bringing particularly tough on him.
Following the debate, Trump further spoke out about his frustrations with Megyn’s interviewing during the event, saying:
“There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever.”
This quote right away sparked backlash, including from RedState Gathering organizer Erick Erickson. Erick, who has great influence in the Republican Party, has disinvited Trump to the gathering. Erick explained, “I just don’t want someone on stage who gets hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal.”
The Trump party has since responded, saying:
“This is just another example of weakness through being politically correct. For all of the people who were looking forward to Mr. Trump coming, we will miss you. Blame Erick Erickson, your weak and pathetic leader.”
There is no stopping the Donald.
It has just been a few days since news surfaced that Zayn Malik had broken off his engagement with Perrie Edwards. The split was reportedly completely unexpected and Perrie was in shock and has been upset since it happened, especially since the couple had been engaged for almost 2 years. In addition, to make the situation worse of Perrie, sources have revealed that Zayn split with the singer over the phone.
Perrie has since confirmed reports that she is upset over the whole ordeal, as she has now unfollowed Zayn on all her social media accounts, as well as deleted all of her pictures with him on her Instagram.
This is following Zayn favoriting a picture on Kylie Jenner’s Twitter just days prior to the news of their split came public. The picture shows Kylie dolled up in a mini-dress with mesh details and posing. Zayn also began following Kylie’s older sister Khloe Kardashian, which undoubtedly added to Perrie’s feelings of betrayal.
Kylie Jenner, Twitter picture:
Despite Perrie’s recent actions, Zayn has kept the pictures of him and his ex-fiancée on Instagram. Although it wouldn’t be that surprising to see them deleted in the coming days.
Zayn Malik, Instagram picture:
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