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This is really cool. I actually made something similar for my sister on the web @
Introducing HomeTube, a child-friendly launcher that allows kids to easily and safely watch YouTube content.

I was motivated to write HomeTube after I found myself increasingly frustrated observing my children attempt to interact with and navigate the YouTube mobile apps. I couldn't shake the feeling there was an opportunity for an interface that was both vastly simpler and allowed me more control over what was being viewed.

I had also recently read a terrific article[1] which I felt illustrated a gut thought I'd long had quite exceptionally: that taking options, complexity and features away can be a positive feature in itself. I didn't want my kids expanding the notification shade and accidentally loading the Play Store app. I didn't want my kids opening system settings or even having access to the multitasking button. I wanted an interface where my kids could easily watch the YouTube videos they wanted to watch on a whim, and nothing else.

Thus HomeTube was born. The interface couldn't be simpler. HomeTube is configured with child-friendly content[2] which displays in a grid. From there, a child selects the content they want to watch and the top ~20 search results for that category are displayed. One more click and they're watching a video. And that's it. 

If you're running Android 4.4, immersive mode kicks in so the system status and navigation bars are hidden. And because HomeTube can be set as a default launcher (you are of course free to use it as a normal app if you chose), I can create user profiles for my children on my Android tablet, and all they ever see is HomeTube.

If you're reading this, HomeTube is almost certainly a terrible way for you to consume YouTube content. But if you have a child who likes to watch the same YouTube content over and over again instantly, HomeTube is a terrific interface for your child to consume YouTube content. And as a parent, HomeTube means I can finish washing the dishes without having to change the current video being played 5 times, so that's particularly nice.

HomeTube is free to use with its defaults, and there's a single 99 cent in-app purchase if you want to customize the content that displays. Enjoy :)

Download HomeTube from the Play Store:

[2] Obviously I can't guarantee that you and I agree 100% on what is child-friendly content, but sound out in the comments if you feel a default is particularly misguided.
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I didn't know this was being ported to OSX, but this is the best media player I've ever used!
The first public build of OSX version of DeaDBeeF:


the build itself:

Lots of people are asking for it, so here it is.

It's an early alpha, so expect bugs and broken features.

Google+ is not designed for unstable connections at all. Well done Google -__-

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(Hopefully NativeScript by +Telerik will change this)

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important issue and all, just wow that is hard to read :"|

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A very powerful ad, should give you a pause (regardless of your gun rights stand). 

I could not figure out what the child was holding  that was banned in America (I knew the assault rifle was not). It took some Googling to figure out it was a Kinder Surprise egg! 

For the longest time I've been bringing back these eggs for my kids when I visit Europe, Canada and Asia. Our kids love them, they love the toys included as well.

I could never figure out why we can't buy them in the US. Turns out this is our kind Congress is protecting American kids. They are not likely to take an action on assault weapon, but... Free The Kinder Eggs!!! They are yummy!!

Ad source:

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Sell DRM-free ebooks from an easy-to-use store and it'll be fine.

Will they do that?

hahahaha no

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