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This "culture" should be handled "with extreme prejudice" - its gone way to far to work on reform or anything that hopeful.
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The best most friendly story in the area. BTW, Bobby Passmore, I have been dealing with gun stores for 40 years and for 30 in the Triad. You must be thinking of another store over near Prissy Polly's. Everyone I know has exact opposite experience with this fine store - must be you if you were really here.
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Having over 4 decades of experience with gun shops, Atlas is the best experience I have ever had. Many gun shops have personnel who like to take an attitude toward customers that is "superior" or try to show off by acting like the customer is an annoyance or stupid. None of that here. And my price comparisons, even using internet, show they are competitive and even beat web prices. And they know their stuff, again without lording over their customers. The best.
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