Hangouts On Air, Friday June 29, 10:00pm ET (NYC): 28611 with Billy Wilson

I am excited to be joining +Billy Wilson for the 13th episode of +28611 with Billy Wilson this coming Friday (June 29). Billy has been a pioneer on G+, both with photography and with Hangouts On Air. I am looking forward to celebrating one year of G+ with Billy and his other guests. If you have particular questions about climate change that you would like to see addressed, please post them here.

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28611 with Billy Wilson: Episode Thirteen

The thirteenth episode of my weekly "on air" G+ variety show +28611 with Billy Wilson is this Friday at 10:00pm ET(NYC) 7:00pm PT(LA) (time zone converter This week's show is celebrates one year of G+ and we will be talking a bit about climate change with climate scientist +Noah Diffenbaugh; we will have photographers +Mike Spinak, +Sinead Sam McKeown, and +Cheryl Cooper; and also +Jane Ellen; along with special musical guest +Three Penny Walnut featuring +Elizabeth Lain and +Jonathan Standifird !

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The photo and album below are from a wedding I shot last year. They were an interesting and fun couple and I enjoyed shooting. 

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