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Steve Barclay

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Win A Canon EOS 600D And More

This is what you can win: 1st place; a Canon EOS 600D, EF-S 18––135 mm lens, double battery pack, remote control, 2nd place: Nikon Coolpix S8200 compact digital camera, 3rd place: Vanguard UP-Rise 34 Camera Bag.


It's very simple. I do this contest in cooperation with – an interesting way to share and explore favorite places around the world. So what would be better than you sharing pictures of your favorite places and at the same time having the chance to win any of the above mentioned prizes..?

Enter the contest:

1) Register at (you can use your Facebook credentials or register a new account using your email address).

2) Add pictures of your favorite places to the map. Pictures must have been taken at the location(s) you enter.

3) Circle the page here on Google+.

4) Reshare this post.

5) Leave a comment here that you have completed steps 1––4.

I will create a circle named Spot I Love and add you to it. Once a month I will pick 5 finalists from the circle and promote them in my feed.

The contest ends August 25 and finalists will be chosen on May 25, June 25, July 25 and August 25.

Winners will be announced before September 10 here in my Google+ feed, on the page and on the main website. Winners will also be notified via email.

Winners must pay taxes on prizes if applicable. Winners are picked by me and and our decisions cannot be contested in the court of law.
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Steve Barclay

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Today is the last day to enter to win a Canon 5D Mark III from! Sign up on their Facebook page.


Visit their Facebook page to enter
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post...
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Steve Barclay

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A short-short story I wrote. Enjoy!
When they cut me loose, Kurt picked me up in his ’84 Buick Skylark and tossed me a pack of cigarettes through the open passenger window as a way of hello. Nice to see you too. He saw the shirt, c...
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Steve Barclay

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 Republicans, however, are committed to an economic doctrine that has proved false, indeed disastrous, in other countries. Nor are they likely to change their views in the light of experience. After all, facts haven’t gotten in the way of Republican orthodoxy on any other aspect of economic policy. The party remains opposed to effective financial regulation despite the catastrophe of 2008; it remains obsessed with the dangers of inflation despite years of false alarms. So it’s not likely to give up its politically convenient views about job creation.

And here’s the thing: if Mitt Romney wins the election, the G.O.P. will surely consider its economic ideas vindicated. In other words, politically good things may be about to happen to very bad ideas. And if that’s how it plays out, the American people will pay the price. 

Paul Krugman:
Xabier Ostale's profile photo
Despite that I think Obama is far from being perfect is a good option, not just the best of two evils, I guess that a change in government would trigger the unexpected. Europe is spreading the cancer of stagnating the markets. If Romney comes to power, he's delivering the same recipes for disaster we are now cooking here, fast, very fast. US economy would be hit hard at the same hectic path, and the impact would be worldwide. It's the same principle as in the 1848 revolts, no matter how strong the movements became all over Europe and Western countries kept stuck in the ultraconservatives policies, antisocial and elites supportive doctrines Bismark triggered (Merkel, in an apparently more democratic way much the same, meanwhile she is smiling with Mrs Lagarde, Merkel's government is pushing not only Southern Europe to the brink of total collapse, but endangering all Europe (by the way, German's market, so Germans are going to feel that they don't sell a shit anymore, because 75% of German production is bought by Europe).
The main problem now is that mobilizations are perfectly stagnated in a misunderstanding Gandhi's peaceful resistance that hampers any other effective policies against the unregulated markets underpinned by tax havens and their transfer network the banks. I mean misunderstood in what kept being the active organized resistance to taxes, their production policies and British market boycott that allowed to achieve the main political aims, in that very moment, aside from the subsequent problems the situation generated soon after.
For the ultraconservatives always ready to implement their policies wherever they can, destroying any social infrastructure that could organize resistance beyond the party lines of politics, a resistance that could be able to impose a change of prospect for the population, it's a great advantage that the weak resistance pretends to be peaceful just sitting in streets and carrying banners whining and moaning and not organizing a real effective policy able to paralyze the trend that keeps lying in the fundamentals: economics is not a spiritual mystery or a mystical procedure explained by financial/political entities that must be followed blindly as a sacred undeniable truth, when they are lying about the targets, as population purchasing power for instance, if we keep production out of the main trend of the market and go on with the transfer net of money and its speculation bubbles, we are only transferring people's money (and even rights changed for money) to elites/tax havens.
I agree with Mr Krugman about the fear of inflation. But I think inflation is going to happen uncontrollably out of the blue, starting the second phase of political and financial control of the market beyond the people's sovereignty over the land, the production and the work. Inflation has been introduced easily Greenspan's way to the taken for granted and unquestionable truth that is always necessary (of course for Greenspan and their ilk the hipsters of power) as a very complicated for lay people to understand, of course, so they must swallow it as "experts" deliver it, inflation being according to them an unfathomable balance between the "real price of products" and the price in the market. They always avoid to talk about the bank taxes, that through all the production is taxing every single process, amassing a profit curiously very similar to that of inflation. So the paradox comes, and Ayn Rand despicable unscrupulous followers/liars tied to enormous interests, never tell that the only ones that don't produce anything are the ones with more profits in the market.
Until this is not extensively and intensively addressed and tackled once and forever the financial cancer is going to eat us alive. These ultraconservatives can say what they wanted, but that is not progress. They tell us that the only way to keep progress and prosperity running is liberating any control over the financial entities, which are the ones sucking the market to tax havens. I would dare to say, we better stop bombarding wicked Taliban and goats in all the Afghanistans that exists in the world, wars driven by warlords (weapon market) and instead we demand tax havens to give back the money evaders/avoiders (no matter the technical terms they are at the core the same) has delivered there, give back the money to the states that are being stolen, and if they refuse use the bombers with them, they are much worse for us that a myriad of Taliban haters. It's to be carved in law that transferring state money (people's money) to banks, as they do in Europe, should be a state crime, because banks are private companies, and besides the ones that are looting the market real owners, the people.
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Steve Barclay

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The contest for my friend to win her wedding video is down to mere hours now. Please visit the link below and vote for Cotton Lowe.

And thank you for everyone who already helped out by voting! You can vote once every 24 hours, so if you have time to send another vote through, please do! Remember to vote for Cotton Lowe.

It is the most important day of your life, and capturing it on video will ensure that your wedding day will never be forgotten. Imagine your wedding day, the sight of a beautiful bride walking down th...
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Steve Barclay

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Can you all help my friend, Cotton Lowe, win a wedding video? It's a quick poll vote at the link below. She's only 1% behind the front runner.

Follow the link below and select Cotton Lowe.

Thank you for your help!! :D
It is the most important day of your life, and capturing it on video will ensure that your wedding day will never be forgotten. Imagine your wedding day, the sight of a beautiful bride walking down th...
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Thank you +DAVID WISHON and +Bob Adragna for your help! :D
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Steve Barclay

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Very cool video.
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Steve Barclay

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pictureline inc. is giving away a Canon 5D Mark III in a contest. #FREE_5DMk3. Visit their Facebook page to enter
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