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Water. Energy. Science.

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How can I find dupe mappings?

I'm having the issue where pressing "n", for next-match, causes 'undo' to fire. One would think that a recent change to the rc files would reveal this, but no. Before I begin the individual removal of plugins, I thought to ask if anyone has a trick for doing this.

I've tried to regex all configs and plugins, for any that map with the 'n' key... a tricky regex where I may have missed cases.

Thanks for your thoughts

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I made a function to collect and organize the list of all mappings that I'm using.  It was a side-effect of splitting the .vimrc I use in Vim.ana, into topics / sections of functionality.  Along with my Unite mappings, I really felt that it made a very readable format.  Hope others enjoy.Vi

Has anyone integrated gem-ctags with a vim plugin, like Unite?  I was hoping that it would "just work" since Unite has a buffer for ctags - but I can never jump from a ruby file to a symbol in a gem file.  I'll take any solution I can learn from

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Does anyone have a good blame solution for subversion?

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Lightline is a great replacement for Powerline.  via /r/vim

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Thinking about splits in Vim

Does anyone know of a vim plugin that will do log highlighting for Rails?
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