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The Play team is proud to announce the release of Play 2.6.0. This release adds a number of new features and continues our efforts to make Play more modular, flexible, and secure. It also completes our removal of global state from the core of Play, making it easier to write self-contained Play applications.

Some improvements in Play 2.6.0 include:

Akka HTTP is now the default server backend. We still will support the Netty server backend but plan to implement most new features on Akka HTTP.
Experimental HTTP/2 support on Akka HTTP.
No internal use of the global application instance (Play.current). It's now deprecated and possible to disable completely using play.allowGlobalApplication = false.
Request attributes for attaching arbitrary typed data to requests.
Twirl templates now can have a constructor for passing application dependencies. This allows for injectable templates.
Support for SLF4J markers in both the Java and Scala API, and a special security marker for security-related operations.
Configuration improvements in the Scala API, using typeclasses for reading arbitrary types, and removal of the Java configuration API in favor of standard Typesafe Config.
Support for compile-time dependency injection in Java, allowing you to create a full Play application in Java without Guice or any dependency injection framework. We have an example using Dagger 2.
Play JSON is now a separate project with no Play dependencies and support for Scala.js.
There is now a standalone version of Play WS, and the WS module in Play contains several useful improvements including HTTP caching support.
Full support for Scala 2.12.

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Play 2.6.0-RC2 has been released

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The Play team is excited to announce Play 2.6.0-RC1. This is the first release candidate for Play 2.6.0. The release candidate status indicates that we believe APIs to be stable. We encourage existing users to upgrade and try it out.

Notably, 2.6.0-RC1 ships with a module to enable HTTP/2 support in the Akka HTTP server. The full list of changes since M5 can be found here:

We have also recently released several Play modules with compatible versions:
- scalatestplus-play 3.0.0-RC1
- play-json 2.6.0-RC1
- play-slick 3.0.0-RC1
- play-ebean 4.0.0-RC1

Much of the work left to be done is in documentation, so please let us know if we missed something in the migration guide, highlights, or anywhere else. Improving the documentation is a great way to start contributing to Play.

We hope to have a final 2.6.0 within a month. Please provide feedback on the mailing list if you find something hard to use or think you found a bug. From now until 2.6.0 final, the Play team's focus will be on fixing any bugs found, improving documentation, and finishing a few small features still in progress.

(content copied from mailing list)!topic/play-framework/div4xgSVsjo

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Play 2.6.0-M5 was just released. This contains almost all of the API changes you will see in Play 2.6.0. They plan to release 2.5.0-RC1 in two weeks.

A major change of note in the Scala API is that the BaseController trait contains an abstract ControllerComponents. This way, it can be used in controller mixins to easily access all the standard controller components. There is also an InjectedController trait that gets its dependencies via method injection. See the examples here:

You can see all the changes in this milestone here:!topic/play-framework/cu_co1qbH7M

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The Play team is proud to announce the first milestone of Play 2.6.0 with scala 2.12 compatibility. Like all milestone releases, the main goal is to get feedback, so please let us know if something isn't working or you see something that should be improved.

If you are the author of a Play module, we would recommend checking out this release to see how it will affect your module.

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These releases fix an unintended dependency exclusion in 2.5.11/2.4.9. This fixes the DoS issue in OAuth without any additional dependencies.!topic/play-framework/vU2WjLemLHM

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Play 2.5.10 was just released, which includes a number of fixes/improvements

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Play 2.5.9 includes a few bug fixes, most notably to fix a regression in query parameter parsing that existed in 2.5.8.

As usual, the full changelog can be found at

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Play 2.5.8 was released. This fixes an issue with URI parsing that was introduced in 2.5.7 in the Netty server. The full changes can be found in the changelog:
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