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What is NEMETICS anyway?

Nemetics is a code for managing complexity, researching patterns of trends, and collaborative learning across silos.  +Rotana Ty explains more in a collaborative post with +Daniel Durrant +Michael Josefowicz. Might be of interest to the  #ideachat  community!

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#mHealth #innovation
One area that is always interesting to me is why some people and companies are able to drive change, and others cannot, even with equally good ideas. Sometimes it just takes one person or event to demonstrate that something is possible.

A look at how Medidata's big data analytics and Clinical Cloud is innovating clinical trials research with mHealth, wearable tech, and Apple's ResearchKit. Plus some great tips for innovators on becoming "rejection-proof".

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I think the Apple Watch with its Taptic Engine will change the way we communicate with each other and our bodies – more than how we actually consume digital content.
Paradigm shifts in communication came from text messaging, followed by social media and messaging apps. The next revolution may come from haptic technology–– tactile feedback that recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.

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The Future of Health is Preventing Disease through Self-tracking:
"While wearables and health apps are great for fitness and chronic disease, we can now use this technology for everyone to prevent chronic conditions. New tools make information accessible to the consumer that was only previously available by seeing a doctor."
#wearabletech #quantifiedself  

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Medical analysts are the new data darlings of baseball operations.
The new area of research, just in in its infancy, is marrying baseball statistics with medical injury research.

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How do you stay connected to the zietgiest?
"I follow 200 people every week who are new in different fields. So one day it will be rappers, another day, it will be architects, another day will be doctors ..."
+Estelle Metayer gets it! Lots of wisdom for #innovation   here.
What a nice surprise #c2mtl RT @globebusiness: Strategist Estelle Metayer on why you need to challenge assumptions ... and filmed in a vintage snowmobile too

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#trends  in Aging:
A new group of boomer seniors is choosing houseboats, RVs, and even couchsurfing. Another trend for senior women is homesharing – women teaming up as “senior roommates” so staying in the home is financially feasible. In the U.S., four million women live in households where two women are at least 50 plus, and this statistic is expected to rise.

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Mathematical Masterpieces: Making Art From Equations at the annual Bridges conference

One of my friends +Marco Garavaglia asked me to share this interesting news.

Artists use math to create works of art to rival gallery masterpieces. 
Mathematicians enthralled with unending fractals and flux patterns have been known to call math beautiful — but, increasingly, they aren't the only ones. For many artists, calculations and numerical analyses provide a rich source of ideas and methods for their creations.

The annual Bridges conference showcases the connections between art and mathematics. The conference features, among other things, a juried art exhibition full of a staggering range of mathematically-inspired artworks, where you can see sunsets, lampshades, and more examples of the golden ratio than you can shake a shell at.

Read the full article >>

This year, the conference will be held in Seoul, 14-19 August.

Did anyone partecipate in previous Bridges conferences?

Go to>>

#math #scientific_art
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