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The Future of Health is Preventing Disease through Self-tracking:
"While wearables and health apps are great for fitness and chronic disease, we can now use this technology for everyone to prevent chronic conditions. New tools make information accessible to the consumer that was only previously available by seeing a doctor."
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How do you stay connected to the zietgiest?
"I follow 200 people every week who are new in different fields. So one day it will be rappers, another day, it will be architects, another day will be doctors ..."
+Estelle Metayer gets it! Lots of wisdom for #innovation   here.
What a nice surprise #c2mtl RT @globebusiness: Strategist Estelle Metayer on why you need to challenge assumptions ... and filmed in a vintage snowmobile too
Strategist Estelle Metayer explains that while failing can be dangerous, it is important. She was interviewed as a part of the C2MTL Commerce and Creativity conference, a three-day event meant to spark visionary thinking in international business
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+Dan Durrant I don't follow a bunch of different demographics on twitter too anymore. I can notice them via subscribed or not lists, and hashtags that I can explore though.

I also noticed that I pay more attention on my big 3 that I value these days: 

#slow  and #slowsocial explorers
Trusted people in my network

So my big 3 tend to be diverse, from many fields as sense-makers can have also a multi-faceted view from the edge [thanks Dan for the expression via the TrustNet list :)] and as they are also generalists.

As I've revisited recently my learning journey on the web via a post, I also mentioned in it this interesting post on LFR []. I see and like that approach to future scanning and discovery too. And I understand better your approach as you commented on the post few years ago, +Angela blogbrevity. :) Did you change your approach since 2011?

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Mathematical Masterpieces: Making Art From Equations at the annual Bridges conference

One of my friends +Marco Garavaglia asked me to share this interesting news.

Artists use math to create works of art to rival gallery masterpieces. 
Mathematicians enthralled with unending fractals and flux patterns have been known to call math beautiful — but, increasingly, they aren't the only ones. For many artists, calculations and numerical analyses provide a rich source of ideas and methods for their creations.

The annual Bridges conference showcases the connections between art and mathematics. The conference features, among other things, a juried art exhibition full of a staggering range of mathematically-inspired artworks, where you can see sunsets, lampshades, and more examples of the golden ratio than you can shake a shell at.

Read the full article >>

This year, the conference will be held in Seoul, 14-19 August.

Did anyone partecipate in previous Bridges conferences?

Go to>>

#math #scientific_art
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Boardthing: A perfect visual tool for collaborative brainstorming
Boardthing is a flexible new, web-based visual thinking and brainstorming tool that is perfectly designed to empower small teams to generate, organize and prioritize their ideas.

Boardthing, which is currently in private beta, is the brainchild of +Dave Gray,  a well-known design and visual thinking expert. He is the founder of the design consultancy XPLANE, which was acquired by the Dachis Group in 2010. He has authored two books on design, change and innovation: Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers and The Connected Company.

Gray partnered with two developers to create a prototype of Boardthing after it became obvious to them that no tool existed that could easily replicate the experience of small-group brainstorming with Post-it notes and dot voting. In a relatively short time, Boardthing has matured into an an elegant, easy-to-use collaboration visual thinking tool that feels just right for many types of projects.

You can read my detailed review of it here:

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very interesting I gotta come back again later

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CFDA launches eco-fashion challenge in celebration of #earthday
Love this!

"The creative organization of information ... 
I think you'll be seeing this quote a lot in coming months. 
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+Geri Seiberling +Jon Mertz   Christina told me it is from Richard Saul Wurman in his publication "Hats"!
Medical analysts are the new data darlings of baseball operations.
The new area of research, just in in its infancy, is marrying baseball statistics with medical injury research.

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#trends  in Aging:
A new group of boomer seniors is choosing houseboats, RVs, and even couchsurfing. Another trend for senior women is homesharing – women teaming up as “senior roommates” so staying in the home is financially feasible. In the U.S., four million women live in households where two women are at least 50 plus, and this statistic is expected to rise.
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+Angela blogbrevity "There is more I want to write about, including genomics, inspired by the conversation and links we shared regarding values. :)" Wow! Call for another superb blog post, Angela. :) I keep in mind and will go deeper over the weekend in a short post [challenging!], that I might share, on the meaning of what I tweeted: "As we are preserving via @permamarks the best bits, I'm seeing in common: transforming, sensing, exploring, connecting, learning." 

I also need to think more deeply and slowly over the weekend/next week on your question before I might share on the blog my thoughts. I remember your words few months ago shared on Twitter. Thinking that they are also expressing so beautifully the shared gratitude, warm regards and appreciation of our friendship: "You are my favorite person to learn from and collaborate! Truly amazing how sympatico. =) Merci beaucoup." Happy and wonderful weekend my friend! 

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"Everything is obvious once it's successful. Big wins come when you can spot something before it's obvious to everyone else."  -Ev Williams [ co-founder, _Twitter ]

When you embark on something birthed out of your own imagination and #creativity , often times people won't understand. Most people fear the unknown especially when it takes them outside of what they know or what they have become accustomed to. 

So go create, imagine, dream, and live boldly. 

More sharable, inspirational quotes to be found at

#inspriation   #quote   #quotegraphic  
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#ux  conceptualizing ideas
Dave Gray draws a concept model, and describe how he thinks about it. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Christina Wodtke. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Creating a Concept Model
Fri, April 25, 2014, 11:36 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Market street scene St. Augustine, FL
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Modern working practices rely on cooperation and working out loud. Here's a live example: +Kenneth Mikkelsen praised Kipling's poem If- and recognised its relevance to the modern world; I playfully reworked it for today's change agents and advocates of the future of work; then +Joachim Stroh transformed the whole thing into a poster. All this within a 24-hour period. Less, in fact.

Then, as is the way with writers, I started editing and tweaking over the weekend, and so the second version quickly emerged, with Joachim weaving his magic again.

Thanks to both Ken and Joachim. It is a pleasure to work alongside you.
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