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Jennifer Foy
I can laugh about it, or cry about it..... I think I'd rather laugh!
I can laugh about it, or cry about it..... I think I'd rather laugh!

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A Two and Three Year Update On Weight Loss via Gastric Bypass
I had Gastric Bypass Surgery, in conjunction with a total lifestyle and movement overhaul a little over three years ago now. I hit and exceeded clinic goals and my own. Makes for good reading, right? What's that? You're noticing that there's no 'Two Year Up...

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Things we never saw ourselves saying before kids!
It's no secret that we have some shenaniganizers in our crew. It has had me saying some things I never anticipated saying: THINGS WE NEVER SAW OURSELVES SAYING BEFORE KIDS! High Five for NOT peeing in your underwear! Please put your dress back down. Yes, yo...

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Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! (A commentary on falling 'off the wagon')
I wrote this as a response to a post in my weight loss support group, but I'm CERTAIN that more than one person needs this today. So edited for your reading pleasure: You've fallen off the wagon and you're panicking. You think you've gained weight. You thin...

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All the reason in the world to pay full attention
The Negotiator is convinced we need a cat. It's not really likely to happen, but we did end up with a gerbil farm, all because of a field trip to price pet supplies, as an extension of math class, so I guess nothing's impossible. This morning she was asking...

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Head Games, and Goals, and Regain! Oh My!
When I left my all time high of 307 pounds, I had lots of thought around 'goal'. What was that going to look like? Would I stop at 230? (The weight I couldn't ever pass through) 200? (Clinic's forecasted thoughts on the matter) 170? (My wedding weight, that...

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One More Hilarious Reason I'm glad I Homeschool
It was a comedy of errors really. Not sure I'd have even noticed if I hadn't followed up with the swimming desk. I wanted to verify whether my kids had passed their most recent level of swimming and collect their badges. The record holder scanned the list w...

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Reorganizing our Schoolroom (Again)
You'll remember I posted before about our 2014/2015 School Room Tour , because we'd made, what I considered at the time, to be some pretty nifty changes to our school room. You're welcome to check the link above to see the original post, but the pics above ...

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DIY Poster Storage Unit
  Storage of school and house supplies in our house is an on-going battle. We have so many things that require odd sized storage containers. Things that would be quite cost prohibitive to our budget, or difficult to find. Case in point. Not everybody has a ...

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Accentuate the Positive- reframing your child's frustrating tendencies
As a mama, I find that sometime it's easy to get discouraged. My central job involves trying to raise my kids right, troubleshooting the eccentricities of the children, and also bearing the lions' share of the responsibilities that come with seeing, finding...

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Freezer Cooking: What Will I Do with all this TURKEY?!
In case you were curious about any of my time and money savers as a largish family mom, I'd have to say that freezer cooking is a pretty handy way to go about achieving both for our family. There is a time investment involved, but the time it saves after it...
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