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Samuel Pérez García
I got a little bit of Tom Sawyer... if only I had a lot of Mark Twain!
I got a little bit of Tom Sawyer... if only I had a lot of Mark Twain!

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An unknown state may be running drills for taking down the entire internet - ExtremeTech

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How is JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK DC's first animated horror movie? #DCAllAccess finds out from the filmmakers!

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Oh good, I'm not really a serial killer! phew!
What are intrusive thoughts?
Suddenly thinking things like: "I could drive off this cliff and kill us all", or "If I hit you with this hammer, it would crack open your skull," is a common experience for most people. They’re called intrusive thoughts, and are perfectly normal when they occur without causing anxiety or compulsion.

Here’s the thing. Our imaginations know no boundaries, so nearly everyone experiences intrusive thoughts that are rooted in violence, sex, blasphemy and beyond. For most people, these thoughts come and go. But for sufferers of OCD, these thoughts trigger debilitating anxiety. It’s not easy getting rid of the thoughts. OCD sufferers compulsively try to neutralize or disprove them. But the more they obsess, the stronger the thoughts get. The faster they come. And the more they play into their biggest fears. This leaves sufferers questioning their character and constantly seeking reassurance that they’re simply not capable of acting on their thoughts.

And so begins the never-ending cycle of obsessions and compulsions. Unlike some forms of OCD where a sufferer engages in a visual ritual (like hand washing), some OCD sufferers get stuck in their minds performing non-observable rituals over and over again. To their dismay and frustration, sufferers obsess over the meaning of their thoughts. Even worse, ill-informed therapists might request that their patients dive deeper for an understanding. The truth is, those intrusive thoughts are completely meaningless. Because the brain experiences a misfire between areas of communication, they don’t actually speak to someone’s character. Intrusive thoughts can be a totally manageable condition. With proper therapy, people with OCD can live normal, happy lives.

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Nadezhda Durova, The Cavalry Maiden
Nadezhda Durova was born in an army camp to a Russian major in 1783.  From her very beginnings as an infant Nadezhda had a life of hard knocks when she was almost killed by her abusive mother, who threw her out of a moving carriage.  During her childhood Nadezhda moved with her father from military base to military base.  It was then that she learned military discipline, how march, how to ride, and how to fight.  It was said that her favorite two toys were a pistol and a saber.
At the age of 18, Nedezhda was forced into an arranged marriage with an influential judge.  Two years later she gave birth to a son. Nadezdha hated her husband and couldn’t stand the life of a housewife.  In 1807 at the age of 24, she ran away, disguised herself as a boy, and enlisted in the cavalry under the alias Alexander Sokolov.

Nadezhda had joined the Russian Army just in time, as Europe was embroiled in war as Russia, Prussia, Saxony, Sweden, and Great Britain formed a coalition to stop that infamous French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.  Nadezhda served with incredible distinction and was heavily decorated throughout the campaign.  In one incident she rescued a cavalryman who had suffered a concussion.  

While under heavy fire she lifted the man and carried him off the battlefield.  In another she rescued a high ranking officer from certain death by eliminating three French dragoons (cavalrymen) who were in pursuit of him.

In the meantime Nadezhda’s family used their influence to find her. When she was discovered and her gender revealed, rather than being drummed out of the army, she was summoned to the court of Czar Alexander I, who was greatly impressed by her story.  He awarded her the Cross of St. George, then the highest award offered by the Russian Empire.  

She was also promoted from the ranks to Lieutenant.  Keep in mind, this was at a time when few enlisted soldiers were “risen from the ranks” to officership.  It was rarer still to have a female soldier openly serving in the Czar’s army, or any army for that matter.

In 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia, what would become the biggest mistake of his career.  Nadezhda fought in the Battles of Smolensk and Borodino.  At Borodino, she was seriously wounded by a cannonball, which shattered her leg.  She continued her duty regardless until ordered to recuperate by her command.  The war ended in 1815, and in 1816 she retired from military service with the rank of captain.  

She became the most heavily decorated Russian cavalryman (or I should say cavalrywoman) of the Napoleonic Wars.
During her civilian life she became a writer,publishing four novels.  Under the encouragement of the famed playwright, poet, and novelist Alexander Pushkin, she wrote and published her memoirs entitled The Cavalry Maiden in 1836.  

Throughout her life she advocated for women’s rights, becoming an early inspiration for the Women’s Suffrage Movement. In 1866, Nadezhda Durova passed away at the age of 82.  She was buried with full military honors.


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Pain is temporary
Corinthian helmet from the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) found with the warrior’s skull inside. 

The battle of Marathon is one of history's most famous military engagements. It is also one of the earliest recorded battles. Their victory over the Persian invaders gave the fledgling Greek city states confidence in their ability to defend themselves and belief in their continued existence. The battle is therefore considered a defining moment in the development of European culture.

In September of 490 BC a Persian armada of 600 ships disgorged an invasion force of approximately 20,000 infantry and cavalry on Greek soil just north of Athens. Their mission was to crush the Greek states in retaliation for their support of their Ionian cousins who had revolted against Persian rule.

Undaunted by the numerical superiority of the invaders, Athens mobilized 10,000 hoplite warriors to defend their territory. The two armies met on the Plain of Marathon twenty-six miles north of Athens. The flat battlefield surrounded by hills and sea was ideal for the Persian cavalry. Surveying the advantage that the terrain and size of their force gave to the Persians, the Greek generals hesitated.

One of the Greek generals - Miltiades - made a passionate plea for boldness and convinced his fellow generals to attack the Persians. Miltiades ordered the Greek hoplites to form a line equal in length to that of the Persians. Then - in an act that his enemy believed to be complete madness - he ordered his Greek warriors to attack the Persian line at a dead run. In the ensuing melee, the middle of the Greek line weakened and gave way, but the flanks were able to engulf and slaughter the trapped Persians. An estimated 6,400 Persians were slaughtered while only 192 Greeks were killed.


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Venta de iMac 27 pulgadas del 2009. La computadora cuenta con 1 TB de almacenaje, 4 GB de RAM, procesador Intel Core Duo 3.06 GHz. El lector de discos no funciona. La conexión de los audífonos tampoco pero se provee un adapter que soluciona el problema. Área de Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Precio es de $450.

Interesados me pueden escribir por mensaje privado o a mi correo en

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eBook conversion

I recently purchased Scrivener for iPad since I'm forced to sell my iMac. So far the app is good in that I can make an easy transition from what I did on the desktop (I don't actually use too many features, prefer to keep it simple). However, one key feature I deeply miss is the compiler that converts to ebook format. It was great to be able to write something and then see exactly how it would look on any of the ereaders before attempting to publish anything. For the iPad the only available options are pdf, word, rtf, and plain text. I understand that the iPad version is meant as a companion for the desktop version, but considering you are paying separately for the app as a brand new thing, it would be great if this feature was available as well. I bought an ebook converter on the app store but it's just not the same. 

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Right after the video ends he told those damn kids to get off his lawn! 😂😂😂
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