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Mommy Moments with Abby
A parenting site full of crafts, yoga, recipes, giveaways, product reviews, book reviews, and a mom's opinion!
A parenting site full of crafts, yoga, recipes, giveaways, product reviews, book reviews, and a mom's opinion!

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Evergreen Watermelon Cutter
 I love summer, the clothes, Popsicles, and the summer time fruit.  Just something about some nice cool watermelon on a hot summer day to cool down and add to the memories.  Problem with watermelon is that it takes forever to cut up and I end up with a huge...

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Cooper: A Rescue Dog's Tale Review
We love our fur-babies.  It is important for kids to understand that love comes in all forms and from all places.  Even though someone or somethings start isn't a happy one, the ending can be amazingly full of love if they create it with others.  Learning t...

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Torus Bowl Review
Where does the time in the day go?  No matter how much I do, how fast I move their is always something that needs to be done.  The more moving parts in your house the more little interruptions that come along and steal precious seconds from the rest of the ...

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Bath Toy Organizer Set by Bath Time Fun
I don't know about you but  bath-time  is playtime for my kids, but those darn bathtoys like to collect non-clean mildew and other grossness.  Not very mommy friendly.  I have gone through a few different bath holders and either they start to get gross beca...

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Powerful little vitamin
pregnant, this is usually when you think of things like what your
eating and how it affects your body. Chances are it's definitely the
first time you think about taking Folic Acid, unless you've been
trying to get pregnant. Either way you probably are...

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Backseat Car Organizer and Car Visor Organizer
If you have more than one kid than you know that one of the best ways to save sanity is to make sure everything has it's own little home or place to go when not in use.  You will need this in order to find anything and to keep your home from looking like yo...

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Cache Alaska Ski Hat
We have had a stretch of cold weather here in AZ and the normal hats don't always keep the wind from nipping at your ears as much as you would like.  Finding a good hat to wear up in the snow, or on weeks like this isn't easy when most of the clothes are ge...

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Topaz Unisex 5060ABK Robust Design Dress Watch Review
So, why is it that we women are constantly wanting to or actually just stealing our men clothes?  I thought I was going to be getting my husband a nice accessory, but somehow it ended up in my vanity?  Weird, right? How did it find it's way to my stuff?  No...

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Gummy Bear Silicone Candy Mold Promotion
My daughter is very into cooking right now.  Add to that, she is a kid and all kids are candy freaks.  That is why I'm excited to make some Gummi Bears with her.  She can use the dropper, pick the flavors, and I can do any stove work.  This way it's somethi...

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Switch Belt
I don't know about you but I am constantly fighting my belts.  For some reason they always seem to fit me in between the holes.  This means I either punch a new hole in the belt or I deal with pant gap.  That embarrassing gap in the back of your not quiet s...
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