emacs: ergoemacs-mode link change

ergoemacs-mode news, from +Matthew Fidler . Link is changed

https://ergoemacs.github.io/ergoemacs-mode/   ← old
https://ergoemacs.github.io/           ← new

the change is made because: before, when you check out, you get some 100 mega bytes of stuff, which includes the ergoemacs-mode website and all the images about layout.

now, the code and home page are separate github projects.

    ergoemacs-mode package: https://github.com/ergoemacs/ergoemacs-mode

    ergoemacs-mode home page: https://ergoemacs.github.io/

    ergoemacs-mode home page source code: https://github.com/ergoemacs/ergoemacs.github.io

be sure to update your links.

there's automatic redirect. But some link with specific URL may break, Matt is fixing them. Thanks Matt.
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