who wrote emacs since 2000?

since few years ago, i have a habit to see who's the author of a package.

we all know that GNU Emacs was first emacs written in lisp, and is written by rms. But other than rms, most have a hard time coming up with a second name.

emacs's been around for 3 decades now. There are many  fundamental and non-trivial core features in past few years. For example, who implemented the unicode engine in emacs? who implemented the behavior where arrow down key moves by visual line? Who revamped emacs's completion engine? who implemented right-to-left languages support? who build the chinese input system?

for packages, it's very easy to see who wrote it. Just call describe-function, then tab a few times to the elisp source code. (if you have emacs compiled, it's better, because binary emacs don't come with source code)

i started to look for authors since Emacs 23.
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