the js lang, because it doesn't have name space and because the way it is used on the web, there arises a style where all js code tries to minimize the number of exposed names.

for example, in jquery or any js lib, they only export one single name. (in jquery, that's $() or jquery().) All the rest of vars or function names used by the lib is made to be a property of that single exported name.

this is interesting. In emacs lisp, it suffer the same problem of no namespace. However, the conventional solution is simply to attach a prefix to all names. e.g. suppose i have a lib called xah-fly-keys. All var and function names in that lib will start with xah-.

but emacs lisp also supports function properties, or hash table, or list... the bottom line is that, it's also possible in elisp, to make it so that one package just export one single name.

i haven't looked further. Is this easy to do? anyone seen this idea done?
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