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emacs: efficient ways of going into a directory

dired-jump, when in dired, it'll go up a directory. Very cool. Because, normally you have to press ^. But, if you've given a easier key to dired-jump than that, then you just press the dired jump key instead!

you'll need
(require 'dired-x)

note: you should never need to call dired directly. Either use dired-jump, or use find-file. (be sure to have ido on, and when in ido-find-file, press 【Ctrl+d】 to go into dir.)

i haven't called dired command for about 6 years. First, i noticed that find-file will do equivalent when your path is a dir. This way, you don't need another key squatting a key spot. Just give a simple key for find-file. (in ergoemacs-mode, the find-file has key 【Ctrl+o】) Then, ido improves the find-file situation by having automated path completion, so that saves you much key strokes. Then, dired-jump replaced other methods to go into dired more than 50% of the time.

Emacs: Advanced Dired Configuration
How to delete or copy a directory? When you press D in dired, Emacs by default will not try to delete a non-empty dir. To set it to do so, put the following in your emacs init file: ;; allow dired to be able to delete or copy a whole dir. (setq dired-recursive-copies (quote always)) ; “always” ...
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Also you can press [Ctrl+j] to enter dired from ido. In ergoemacs-mode, this is equivalent to [Alt+Return], which is a better key combination than [Ctrl+d] for most keyboards. 
I've never spent much time in dired because I'm so comfortable in shell, until today. Working on a MS Windows machine from 2001, I am almost brought to tears by how weak and crippled COMMAND.COM is compared to any Unix shell. Dired goes a long way toward easing the pain.
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If eshell is supposed to emulate sh, then it does a very bad job. Without properly functioning pipes, it just doesn't suit my needs.
You could also try msys or cygwin if you want pipes. 
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