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I spend some time on the +Org-mode for Emacs mailing list (obviously) and I'm still amazed at how many tiny little tricks you find here. I mean, the ones that are not directly related to Org/Emacs.

The last one is the ability to open a youtube video at a specific instant by adding e.g. #t12m03s to open at 12 minutes dans 3 seconds.

So I edited the timeline for the Google Talk Carsten gave and added the links:

Oh, by the way, thanks again to Rustom Mody for this timeline, we should parse video like this more often!
Here is the video of the Google Tech Talk about Org-mode that I (Carsten) gave on July 15th, 2008 on the Google campus in Mountain View, California. Thanks to T.V. Raman and Andrew Hyatt for being my ...
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