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2 articles on the problems of #emacs wiki

Die EmacsWiki, Die!
(this one is from Bozhidar Batsov, who wrote emacs prelude)

〈Problems of Emacswiki〉

Emacswiki was great, it served its time, helped people tremendously, but now it might be good time to change, since lots has changed in past 7 years since it started.

if you feel the same, please send a kind notice to Alex. He might be convinced now. Also, Alex was kind enough to license the whole thing as open source. He has mentioned that he doesn't mind if people mirror or start another wiki. So, if you are ambitious, you can start a fresh one.
Prelude Emacs is slowly, but firmly moving in the right direction with Emacs 24. A lot of new important features are coming, the release date is …
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