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speaking of the best emacs keyboard, last month the “Truly Ergonomic Keyboard” finally arrived, after several years in the vapor-ware department.

several people's been telling me they got excited, either arrived in their home or just ordered.

have you got it? how's it?
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They build an ergonomic keyboard and ship it with those half-fixed Ctrl and Meta positions?
on a traditional keyboard, am not sure whether the capslock/enter position is better or the Shift. I'm guessing the Shift is actually better.

let's call the capslock/enter pos1 and the Shift pos2.

Then, depending whether you use Shift more often or Control, you want to put the one you use more often on the easier key.

So, for me, i think pos2 is easier key, and i think i use Ctrl more often than Shift. So, i'd put Ctrl on pos2 and Shift on pos1 as in the above pic.

but anyway you can swap them i think physically, or i think even order them the way you like.
I use the factory default positions for Shift and Ctrl. Additionally, I use the At Home Modifier[1] to double-purpose my home row as [Hyper|Super|Alt|Ctrl] [Ctrl|Alt|Super|Hyper], left space as Alt and right space as Level3. I haven’t yet reached a definite conclusion whether it works for me, though, or if I had better dedicate a more accessible finger to Shift and displace Hyper outwards to the Caps/Enter position.


ps: I expected that I would want to remap keys around from the get-go, so I bought the blank model. I can thus experiment without being concerned about inaccuracy of the markings.
+ErgoEmacs I actually only use standard keyboard layouts and I prefer having Ctrl on the home-row and Meta on its original position. It works OK for me but I will probably switch to a more ergonomic alternative soon.
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