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emacs icomplete.el, a grand-daddy class submarine, 1993 by Ken Manheimer

;; Author: Ken Manheimer <klm@i.am>
;; Maintainer: Ken Manheimer <klm@i.am>
;; Created: Mar 1993 Ken Manheimer, klm@nist.gov- first release to usenet

in the thanks section:

;; Thanks to everyone for their suggestions for refinements of this
;; package.  I particularly have to credit Michael Cook, who
;; implemented an incremental completion style in his 'iswitch'
;; functions that served as a model for icomplete.  Some other
;; contributors: Noah Friedman (restructuring as minor mode), Colin
;; Rafferty (lemacs reconciliation), Lars Lindberg, RMS, and others.

it mentioned Noah Friedman +Noah Friedman,  which i recognize, thank to  +Nick Alcock  (who is currently the great mole with all sensors extended).

also, look at the author's email address. “i.am”, how cool is that?
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Oh, Noah was involved with everything Emacsy back in those days. (To a first approximation.) I'm more surprised to find a package of that vintage without his name on it than I am to find one with...

(right now I am the great mole with few sensors extended due to deadline crunches and crashing browsers stopping me easily reading G+...)
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