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Bidar Fort 

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 Larry and Sergey get ice bucketed for ALS.
Larry and Sergey get ice bucketed for ALS.

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Social Media Active Users by Network (August 2014)

"One of the most common questions from both businesses and social media marketers is "how many?" How many users. How many people. How many opportunities - for each of the social networks.

Of course each social network is different. Some have extremely high usage every month by hundreds of millions of users, while others the only numbers reported are registered members.

Are any of these numbers accurate? Nope. They're changing by the second, literally, and of course there are always questions about how they're calculated, how many fake accounts are counted, and so on.

Yet the fact remains, even with a large statistical margin for error, these membership numbers are extremely interesting."

Here's an infographic from +Mike Allton that takes a closer look at the latest social media stats of 2014.


#socialmedia   #facebook   #googleplus  

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InDebates- India Debates (STATUS: TO START AT 6:00 PM)
The InDebates (India Debates) initiative: Rules and instructions 

Following the universal enthusiasm amid the moderators regarding the proposal on InDebates (India Debates), I'm glad to write up this post, which should serve as a compilation of the general rules of the debate, as well as instructions to get you started with the initiative if you're eager to raise your voice. 

What is InDebates: You say, India listens! 

As already mentioned in the original post (the proposal), the InDebates is a new initiative, which allows and encourages the creation of formal/official debates by the moderators  the India+ page, the owner of the community. As of now, the debates will be held weekly, on Friday at 4:00 PM, and will continue till 10:00 PM, when the results will be announced. 

In the meantime, to give maximum exposure to the debate, it will be kept pinned by the moderators at the top of the community's stream. 

Also, to add a degree of standardization to the initiative, this image posted alongside this write-up should serve as the label for the debates (to ensure easy visual discovery). 


NOTE: The hashtag #IndiaDebates  will be used in the posts containing the debate. 

The winning side will be decided by the India+ page 
[Thanks to Mr. Rajesh Narayanan for this idea]

Other moderators, however, will take part in the debate as debaters. 

Issues and topics of the debate 

Any sort of topic that commands nation-wide curiosity and interest, might be included in the debate. However, the following topics should not be raised: 

1. Topics hurting the sentiments of any religion, community, section, caste etc.

2. Hateful topics, such as racism, accusing and targeting specific communities and sections. 

3. Topics way too complicated for the general masses to understand, such as "Do you agree that a conscious mechanism can be generated using more than 10,00,00,000 cells on Conway's Game of Life, that can consciously interact at least with gliders and glider-guns?"

NOTE: Members can suggest their own topics, by placing a request under Ask India / Ideamine category, using #IDTopic  tag, and specifically mentioning InDebates Topic Suggestion in the heading. 

Rules for commenting on the debate 

1. Start your comment with a heading Yes, I agree (or simply Yes) or No, I don't agree (or simply No), and then make your points. 

2. Please ensure that you use a formal language which debating the issue. English is the preferred language here, but if you wish, you can take the help of Google Translate to translate comments written in your mother tongue to English. 

3. Flaming, personally insulting any of the debaters etc are highly discouraged. Such comments will be deleted, and repeated violators might face stricter actions. 

4. Consider posting in a point-wise manner. This makes it easier for others to get what you're saying. 

5. Please abstain from re-sharing the debate. Resharing the debate will be disabled by the moderator. If you want to share the debate, or invite your friends to it, please use the Link to Post feature from the drop-down menu to refer to it. +1s however are welcome, and will tell us how you like the topic. 
[Thanks to Mr. Sunil Yadav for this idea]

Overall, have a good time! 

Thanking everyone
A. Chatterjee


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Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm Update

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Real-World Panda Optimization - Michael Cottam to Whiteboard Friday
The Panda algorithm looks for high-quality content, but what exactly is
it looking for, how is it finding what it deems to be high-quality,
and—perhaps most pressingly—what in the world can we do to befriend the
bear? In today's Whiteboard Friday, Michae...

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