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I like wine. There are some wines that for personal reasons I really like; they might remind me of times gone by, they might just be particularly tasty, but they often seem to fall into the category of wines that are on sodding allocation.  I called les Cav...

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It's odd, for a country whose wines I've spent the last three years pursuing and working with I've found it remarkably difficult to write about Greece and her wines. Perhaps it's the fact that I've not visited the countries vineyards, not emptied the grit o...

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5.15am gym. 6.30am mindfulness. 7.15am pinhead oatmeal porridge, manuka honey drizzle, kale, banana and mixed nut nutri bullet shake. Bowl of matcha tea. 7.45am deal with the nights emails. Two venture capital meetings and a pressing deadline to convert the...

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Eat father eat.
When I was growing up we didn't eat out all that much, well, not unless we were on holiday, but that's a different topic all together. There were a few places that we'd get take aways from, fish and chips after swimming or trampolining of an evening and ver...

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Ragu and authenticity
I think about authenticity quite a lot. It tends to haunt me when I'm thinking about wine lists, I want the wines I list to speak of the places from which they come. I want to show grapes that belong, made by people that understand them. I feel similarly ab...

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Pinot Noir masterclass with Sarah Ahmed
GRINGOTT'S BANK (no goblins though only Aussies) I visited Australia many moons ago on Tim Wildman's inaugural James Busby tour and properly fell for the place. I was there just after a period of extended drought, a bunch of hot vintages that ended while I ...

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The thrill of the familiar
Some of you who know me may know that the last year or so have been spent throwing myself at the rock face that is Peckham Bazaar. Part of this has been an almost complete immersion in the wines of the Eastern Mediterranean (of which more to come). However ...

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Corner shop blending masterclass 2.0
Round two, this is where shit starts to get real. By shit I'm obviously referring to Jacob's Creek 'Original' Merlot 2013, and by real I'm referring to it getting into my glass. I've got ahead of myself, the rationale was fucking on point, the reasoning was...

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Enira or the benefits of cellaring
I'm not the greatest when it comes to placing events correctly in my own personal timeline. I tend to joke that there's been too much wine under the bridge for me to be expected to remember exactly where and when things actually took place. Really, I think ...

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Method and Metaphor: A Special Sort of Pickle
CAT RIDING A NARWHAL (specially for Kerstin xx) What is biodynamics? Over the last ten years or so, anyone with more than a passing interest in wine will have come across wines made from grapes farmed in accordance with Rudolph Steiner’s biodynamic agricult...
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