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Amber H

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Haha no lie, I went to the MAC counter to get my makeup done and my face looked EXACTLY like the 'bad' side. The concealer was 85.5 shades too light and she lined my brows in it, chalky foundation, PACKED on gold and brown shadow no transition color, lined my lips in what seemed like black lip liner then slapped some ruby woo on it :/ it was a hot MESS! I took it off before I even left the counter and ended up doing my own make up later. LOL I just can't. 

Amber H

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Haha I never seen so much hatred aimed at a highly educated person who is trying to encourage people to eat fruits and vegetables. I'm laughing to keep from crying because it TRULY shows the state of our society...glorify unhealthy lifestyles...vilify healthy ones. Oh well.

Kristina, I think you're awesome and truly admire your dedication to living wholistically raw. You are giving me liiiiiffffeeeee lol (literally). Please ignore these crazy unhealthy people :)

Anywho, I wanted to comment on this video with my own experiences.

I went semi-regular (if that's even a thing) for a few months. I started each day with a huge smoothie (kale, coconut water, blue berries, pineapple, cucumber) and munched on lotsa fruit via out the day. Drank alotta water too. Had another smoothie around lunch..and has a giant salad for dinner (with cheese n french bread :/) I noticed after a few days, I has less mental fog, had more energy AND I was sleeping like a baby. My sister randomly told me "wow, looks like you're losing weight, you look good!" (This was after around a week and a half). This pleased me :)

The kicker was the differences in my periods. Before I went semi-raw I would have TERRIBLE cramps, mood swings that had my boyfriend scared of me and my period would be long (7-8 days) painful and very heavy. After I began eating more raw foods, I had ZERO PMS symptoms (physical and emotional) my actual period was much lighter and only lasted for three days. Not too shabby!

Just from my own experiences and others who I know who adapted this lifestyle, it's the best possible thing you can do for your body. Yes, there is a period of time that your body is detoxing and that might not be 100% pleasant but it's worth it. I have to get back on the ball.

Thanks Kristina..rock on! :)
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