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Robert Lock
Just a small town boy , living in a lonely world, Took the midnight train going to Watford Junction.
Just a small town boy , living in a lonely world, Took the midnight train going to Watford Junction.

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Monopoly board in a day challenge .
So I finally found time to do the monopoly board in a day. It was a great adventure and  lots of fun. So on Sunday the 22nd of June me and my friend and fellow adventurer Helen set off . We left Euston at 10.25 am We d bought  a disposable camera so as to r...

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2014 a year in review
So my year in Meet Up  this year has definitely been an Angel year as I've been to various things throughout the year. So January saw 1) Quiz night 2) Dirty Book club  Angel visit 1 3) Blitz Party 4) Science Museum lates 5) Final Friday drinks February 1) C...

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Ahh Valentine's day approaches. The time of year where shops and restaurants everywhere conspire. Even the group on holiday offers are mostly for 2. Sometimes I feel I am doomed to be permanently single .I am getting ever closer to becoming catman that most...

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Railway Station list / adventure tracker 2014
As aconvert to the world of lists so in order to track my adventures  in going to use stations as  way points to track my adventures in 2014 Bushey- platform 4 change from normal no 6 due to signalling problems  .Train10 minutes late Euston Charing cross-de...

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London Monopoly challenge
I have discovered that their is a route designed to allow you to  visit all the london monopoly spaces in one day . So I have decided one day this year  to complete this challenge. Watch this space for more details.

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Future cinema Ghostbusters 22nd
It was a grey and rainy night when  I set off for the Troxy Cinema limehouse to be immersed in the interactive cinema experience that is future cinema. Except it wasn't the tricky but the Sedgwick hotel ballroom and it was 1984 and I was attending an evenin...

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Lists and monopoly challenge 2014
Lists  a r e everywhere from the 12 days of Christmas to those lists of new year resolutions you make then throw aside. When I go back to work  tomorrow I'll have a to do list . I'll have an inbox full of emails which is its own kind of list. My discovery o...

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Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets In midnights, in cups of coffee or my year in Meetup
So 2013 comes to an end , life has changed so much over the past 12 months . I changed jobs at work learned to drive and dipped a tentative toe into the world of internet dating. However more than anything i got out and met up , dressed up , met people , ma...

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5th Anarcho-Dandyist ball
I wasn't going to go to this event but I'm glad I did. We got their slightly after 9. The event was at the Bloomsbury Ballroom which is  my most frequently visited  venue I've been to with Alternative nightlife. Despite the fact that it's basically a large ...

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Zombie Walk 12th October
Myself  and 3 intrepid companions took to the streets of London  along with 1997 other people approximately to walk from Marble Arch to Denmark Street dressed as zombies and raise some mony for St Mungos Homeless charity. We set off from Watford Junction ha...
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