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Today we did interviews. It was not fun at all. We had to walk alot and only ended up getting 2 people. There was this one comment that SURPRISED me quite alot. I didnt expect that to be said. It wasnt as hard as i was expecting it to be.

Today's class was easy. It was good to watch my interview again and pick out quotes that stood out to me. I thunk that this was very much needed because i had forgotten everything i said. This activity also reminded me that i should keep going and never give up. Mainly when it comes to becoming a better person and finding a better job that will help me have the money i need to help my mother in the lil things that have to be done or paid.

today was fast. However it was alot of reading. I was able to connect to the articles and what was said because i went through similar experiences through out high school. But i think that the whole education system is messed up because theres too many images and charts showing how low blacks and hispanics. Although the charts might be true. they should exist due to the fact that it shows how low we are on the list and how low our graduation rates are at the moment.

Today was fun. we had the chance to watch the interviews, which was fun. I also learned alot from the interviews because e gave eachother feedback which helped me understand exactly how the interviews should be done. Those interviewing did good for the most part. one thing they could've done better was making the questions clear instead of making them generous. i think that it wouldve helped with answering back.

Today was fun. i had fun, watching teachers and staff get interviewed. and it wasnt as hard as i thought. however, i think that it will be difficult t interview, strangers outside. but i know were going to get through it. and accomplish the main goal. i also learned a new term which was Vox pop. Vox pop i basically the whole process of interviewing others outside. Vox pop will help us get others opinion on important topics.

Today was sort of difficult. Following the directions wasnt as easy as i thought. I had trouble finding an image to upload along with my video. However the process overall was easier than other assignments given in the class. Hopeully everything turns out perfect and i can have everything completed at the end of this cycle.

I enjoyed todays class a lot. However, when we started to interview, things got hard. Although i tried my best to keep calm and do follow up questions but it wasnt easy at all. the thought of having to question the other person distracted me from what i had to do which was keep the camera still and listen carefully. But when i was being interviewed, it was much easier. i was able to answer all the questions without a problem . even though it was hard to keep talking about the same topic. i would repeat my self alot and then panic. but im glad we got through it.

today we had the chance to write about our dreams. we write about the the resons why we want to accomplish our dreams. i enjoyed this activity because it was light and quick. it also made time go super fast. and about the website name. i think that it fits the purpose of the website. therefore i think we can keep it that way, unless we have the chance to change it.

Today. i was able to complete my photoshop and upload assignment. we also had the chance to put our ideas out there for the website. We also had to do free write. I think that it was a great way to express our selfs and out our stories out there for others to read. it was a way to send a message. And i think that message went towards, how important it is to focus in school and stay on track. So i enjoyed today. It was chilled.

Photo shop was the most difficult out of the whole process. I didn't know what tools i had to do to change the background. but eventually with all the help i was able to get, i was able to change the background. However i didn't get to upload it to the website because there were too many steps and the computer wasn't cooperating.
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