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Audra McClure
Family Law attorney in Grand Rapids.
Family Law attorney in Grand Rapids.

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Household Chores vs. "Forced Labor"
The Court of Appeals produced an opinion on August 4, 2014 reversing a man's prior convictions for forced labor, a federal crime (Here's a link to the statute.)  The opinion discussed how forced labor differs from the normal act of making children perform h...

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Corporal Punishment
A colleague of mine just pointed out this CNN article entitled "Spanking the Gray Matter Out of Our Kids," by Sarah Kovac.   It's worth a read.

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Stepparent Adoption Just Became More Difficult in Michigan
On June 25, the Michigan Supreme Court handed down an opinion in the case of "In re AJR," where a minor child's new stepfather wanted to adopt the child and terminate the parental rights of the biological father.  In this case, according to the stepfather's...

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Grandparenting Time
It is very common for grandparents to have a substantial role in raising children, and often when parties get divorced or break up, grandparents get less time with the kids than they did before the split.  Grandparents do have legal options, but it can be v...

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International Moves With Kids - New U.S. Supreme Court
Yesterday, on March 5, 2014, the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion In Lozano v. Montoya Alvarez, Docket Number 12-820.  A copy of the opinion can be found here .  The parties in this case had a daughter together and lived together in the United ...

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Acknowledgment of Paternity and the Revocation of Paternity Act
In an opinion which can be found here , In the Matter of E.R. Moiles , the Court of Appeals agreed with the Mecosta County trial court which had  revoked an acknowledgement of paternity of a child.  In that case, the man who signed the affidavit of parentag...

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Tax Season
Many divorced or separated parents have to decide who gets to claim the tax exemption for the child or children.  Sometimes it's easy: two kids, 50/50 custody split - they each get to claim one.  Or if there is only one child, the parents may alternate year...

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Post-nuptial Agreements
In Hodge v. Parks, the Michigan Court of Appeals looked at post-nuptial agreements, which are a source of (contention? debate?) here in Michigan.  Generally courts will not enforce post-nuptial agreements as against public policy because they're made in con...

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A Sad Case
When one parent asks the court to change a custody arrangement that has already been decided, the first thing the court looks at is where the children have an "established custodial environment" (ECE).  The ECE exists with the parent or parents to whom the ...

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New Mexico legalized same-sex marriage
The seminal quote: "We hold that the State of New Mexico is constitutionally required to allow same-gender couples to marry and must extend to them the rights, protections, and responsibilities that derive from civil marriage under New Mexico law."  Here's ...
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