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Renaissance Artists: Where Are They Now?
If your like me, you probably love getting inspired by looking at all the paintings of the rennaissance, because they are really beautiful and make you really think of a wonderful time gone by!! But how much do you really know about the arts and artists who...

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Secret Menu Items Are Delicious!!!
Everybody who eats at In and Out Burgers knows that they have a wonderful menu of great food that's only available to people who are big enough fans to know about the secret menu and then remember about it when its time to place your order. But did you know...

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Chipotle is not real Mexican Burritos!
I was just at my local neighborhood area Chipotle burrito restuarant and everyone there kept saying 'Happy Cinco day Mayo!" STUPID! Chipotle is not a mexican kind of burrito, so it's not mexican food. DUH! If you want to have a burrito that isnt made by Chi...

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Tips on Dating Japanese Girlfriends
Becuase I have a Japanese girl friend people always ask me for tips on how to get a japenese girlfriend. I usually just say be yourself! LOL! Seriously its always the best advice in every situation unless your a spy or something, then your on your own. I'm ...

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Rob Zombie Sings a Metallica Song
Rob Zombie got on stage and played this one song "Enter the Sandman" that was once recorded by Metallica!!!! This is the most metal moment in history if you ask me!!! In case you dont know of Robert Zombie, hes a singer with really long hair who likes guita...

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Hey, all of my fans, I am back!!!!
Hey everyone!!1! Its been a long long time since I helped you with you're lifes with my blog, but I have decided to make the choice not to be retired from it any more!!!! After the smash success of my Im aware of So much Stuff blog, I have spent my time wor...

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