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jenn eve salvia curativo
With more than 5 years experience being an iOS Developer
With more than 5 years experience being an iOS Developer

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iOS Tutorials
Hi Everyone! I have moved my blogs here . It's still in progress of updating the UI but it'll be ready soon. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more blogs soon - anything iOS-related! Thank you so much!

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3.5 and 4-Inch Screen Compatible
Now that iPhone 5 is in the market, we have to make sure that our apps are compatible to both 3.5-inch screens and 4-inch screens. That's easy!  Just check the "Use Autolayout" in our Interface Builder and it will automatically make our 3.5-inch screens com...

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Adding/Deleting Rows Dynamically (UITableView)
To answer Mr. Ramanan R Rengaraj' s question "How to add an add and delete button in nav bar to insert / delete rows dynamically." Prerequisite: 1. UITableView ( 2. UINavigation Cont...

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UIPickerView Tutorial
1. Add a New File, subclass of ViewController, to your project. In my example, the name of my class is ViewController. 2. Open ViewController.xib and drag a pickerview to your xib file.  3. Add a UIPickerView IBOutlet to your ViewController.h file, and synt...

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Tabbed Application, Using Interface Builder
If you want to create a Tabbed Application programmatically, refer to this tutorial: Let's create a Tabbed application using Interface Builder! :D 1. Create a new empty application. ...

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Page Control for Switching Between Views
This is a tutorial request from Ze Kitez . As much as possible, I tried to do everything in Interface Builder, but sadly, some of the logic could not be done in IB. 1. Create a New Xcode Project, choose Single View Application template. A ViewController wil...

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SQLite Tutorial Part 1
Credits: Most of the codes are from  Techotopia  and I refer this tutorial from their  SQLite tutorial  For more information and detailed discussion, refer to their site. :D This is what we will be trying to achieve in this first Tutorial. (Yes, I'm gonna h...

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Lazy Image Loading
Tutorial request from Senthil.P 1. Create a new Xcode Project, Single View Application template and add a tableview. ( 2. Create a custom table view cell. (http://iosmadesimple.blogs...

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Table Search Display Tutorial
This is what we want to achieve in this tutorial: A table list with a search bar on top, and when we type on the search bar, the table updates its list. Prerequisite in learning this tutorial is a knowledge in creating table views. If you still don't know h...
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