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Get The Best Health Insurance Exchange Rates And Prices
Get The Best Health Insurance Exchange Rates And Prices

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Fewer Choices For Your Health Insurance?

You are right! As Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and many other smaller companies exit Marketplaces, instead of five or six carrier options, you may only have one or two.

And yes, it's likely your rates went up by more than 10%. If you are eligible to receive a federal subsidy, the sting won't hurt as much. But of course, somebody is paying for it.

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Are you leaving money on the table? Believe it or not, in many situations, a family of four that makes $100,000 per year can qualify for a federal subsidy.

Since the subsidy index increases each year, it helps offset carrier rate hikes. Of course, when the rate increase is 35%, the increase in the subsidy isn't going to make a big dent.


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Finally! Extra documentation and verification needed for Special Enrollment Period (SEP) exceptions. This may actually keep more insurers in the Marketplace for 2018 and beyond.

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Health insurance questions unlike any you have ever seen before. We share some of the craziest and wackiest questions that we certainly never expected

"Just give me the worst and cheapest plan you have"

" I am interested in taking out a policy but do not want you to cash my check until we need to go to the hospital."

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Following a thorough business review, #Aetna will reduce their individual on-exchange participation for 2017 to 242 counties, maintaining an on-exchange presence in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Virginia. They will continue to offer an off-exchange individual product option for 2017 to consumers in the vast majority of counties where they offered individual public exchange products in 2016.

These changes do not affect coverage for the 2016 plan year.


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Compare #Florida   health insurance plans and enroll online. We research and review FL individual and family coverage both inside and outside of the Marketplace. Instant online quotes are always available.

Senior Medicare Supplement and Advantage options are also offered to Medicare-eligible applicants. NOTE: Open Enrollment for Seniors takes place at a different time than for persons under age 65.

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Oscar Health Insurance And Oscar Madison. Both Messy.

You remember "The Odd Couple" and sportswriter Oscar Madison. Messy, different, and not too good with his money.

Perhaps it's not fair to lump Oscar Health in the same category, but their financial challenges are steep. And much of the problem is not their fault. The #healthcare   system is not very conducive to Co-Ops succeeding.

They need to raise their rates. But that still might not be enough.


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Short-Term Health Insurance Attacked By HHS

By proposing a 3-month limit on temporary healthcare coverage, the number of uninsured Americans may actually increase. Cheap medically-underwritten catastrophic contracts don't satisfy #Obamacare requirements. But they are fairly popular.

We view the Administration proposal as a step backward, not forward.

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NOTE: You can view the entire proposal here:

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InHealth - We Hardly Knew Ya!

Here in Ohio, the DOI has taken over the operations. No surprise as Co-Ops across the country (not all) are failing miserably.

Nice little company but claims killed them. That's symptomatic of guarantee-issue healthcare coverage.

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