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It's all about the light

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Open Beta Testing for TPE for Android is now available to current users - you can opt-in using the link below: once enrolled, you'll receive the latest version (1.4) as an update to your device.

Send us your feedback at

We have a lot more updates in the pipeline for the Android app, so if you like to stay ahead of the crowd, this is for you!

(Limited to 1,000 places - first come first served.)

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It's been a while since we posted about Night Mode in TPE for iOS, but given that the centre of the Milky Way is now re-emerging into Northern skies at night, it seems a good time.

Here's pretty much all you need to know about the information presented in Night Mode in TPE, in one picture:

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With the release of The Photographer's Transit 2.0, yesterday, both our apps now support both iPhone and iPad.

Our "Photo Planning Apps" bundle includes both TPE and TPT.

If you already purchased TPE at full price, you can save over 50% on The Photographer's Transit using the "complete my bundle" option in the App Store.

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Save 25% on Skyfire with a 12 month subscription - available today with TPE 3.6 for iOS. More details here:

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I've planned my "supermoon" eclipse shot: what could possibly go wrong?

Read some last minute tips on out blog to help you ensure you get the shot you want tomorrow!

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An expanded version of our "blood supermoon" infographic, with more locations covered:

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OK, moon photographers: here are some more details on the upcoming "blood supermoon" (a total lunar eclipse which coincides with a perigee moon). You'll be lucky to see more than two or three of these in a lifetime, so read on to get the low down for what will be visible in your part of the world:

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Great photograph of my old home town, London by David Robinson:
Planning the Shot
Here's a new spin on one of my favorite spots to shoot in London. Earlier this week I noticed that it was supposed to be mostly clear later in the week, so I decided to check out viewing angles on The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE). Needless to say I was really happy when I happened to notice that the sunset was supposed to be right between Big Ben and the bridge. It was mostly clear today with only a few clouds, so I thought I'd head out at sunset and see if I could get the shot. If you don't use TPE or something like it, you should check it out.

Here's the night version of this shot:

For #longexposurethursday +LongExposure Thursday by +Francesco Gola +Luca Gerardi

You can find other sunset/sunrise shots from Sunrise, Sunset album here:
#london   #bigben

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A big thanks to +Mark Wallace  of +Adorama TV for covering TPE and Skyfire, in addition to Easy Release and Movie Slate, in his latest episode of "Exploring Photography":
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