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Nice javascript based spinner library:

How would you share assets (stylesheets, images, javascripts) between multiple rails apps? I see possibilities like
* bad: don't care about sharing at all, just copy between apps (would be complex and error-prone)
* better: sharing the assets with a common private asset gem (using the asset pipeline). This has the additional advantage of providing a simple mechanism for versioning. But it still has the disadvantage that the file has to be downloaded multiple times by the user.
* even better: sharing between apps with a gem like in the previous solution, but using a common domain/subdomain or CDN (or configure multiple apps on subdirectories of the same domain)

A question every developer should ask herself/himself before starting to write code (from "The Developer's Code" by Ka Wai Cheung): "Is there a simpler way to code what I’m coding right now that might be worth the trade-off, even if it doesn’t solve the problem entirely?"

Instead of logging in to a remote machine via ssh and copy your public key to the authorized_keys (so that you don't have to use the credentials for logging in) you can just use ssh-copy-id which will do this for you. Very nice shortcut!

When buying the electronic version of a book from the Pragmatic Programmers the mobi version is sent directly to my Kindle (also including updates of Beta Books). As this is the device I use to read most of my books this is a very nice convenience. I wish more companies would have this attention to detail!

The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build. - Frederick P. Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month

Whereas SQL is about normalizing the storage of data and then flexibly querying it, NoSQL is about thinking how you will query data and then flexibly storing it. (John Nunemaker,

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+Matthias Schmidt and +Andreas Alfarè have launched +Matilda a great looking site for organizing and sharing your photos! Congratulations!

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Two strategies for avoiding long living feature branches are FeatureToggle ( and Branch by Abstraction ( Git makes merging very easy, also in the face of conflicts. Nevertheless the technical risk rises when we don't do continuous integration and we should try to integrate more often.
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