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Still waiting for update to 7.2 because of carrier issues. Google told me that it is because of them. So how do I do a sideload. I have never done one before. I'm not totally tech savvy but I am not totally blind to trying things. Thanks

How long is the wait for the 7.1.2 update. I keep checking every day and still no update.

I have read reviews on the Asus 302 and the Samsung plus. Witch one would you buy. The Asus with the 64 G hard drive and the M processer or the Samsung with the arm processor. I know the Samsung has the better display but is it that much of a difference.

I know enough to be a fool and not enough to be smart. So my question is . What has the better processer. The Samsung Plus or the New Asus flip. I am not sure of the 2 I am going to buy. I am not a power user. I won't be waiting for the Samsung Pro

Does anybody know what the pricing will be on the new Asus 302 and the Samsung plus/pro will be?

It is the silly season in the NFL... The mock drafts are rolling out

I am going to buy my first Chromebook and was wondering what I should look for. I am not a power user but I don't want the bottom end. Also I would like it to be a good performer in 3-5 years.

Every Birthday I tell my self this is the year that I won't be effected by BP Anxiety or Depression. I love the birthday rapid cycle that tells me these things. Then I awake to find that it was a fairy tale. Ahh the life cycles that happen on a weekly, monthly sometimes daily occurrence. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

I am finally realizing that this is not a solo war even though it is my head and not the ones around me. This realization is a very hard pill to swallow.

I have had this phone for 3 weeks now and I can not say anything bad about it. I just came over from iOS. So I will have questions but that will be for another day.
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