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Memorial Day always makes me think of my Dad!
Memorial  Day always brings thoughts of my dad who I worked with as a helper as a child and who worked with me when he retired as an adult.  He never really swore in mixed company using his famous “NUTS!” as the expletive if something went wrong.  He was an...

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Thoughts on Community and Eaton's Day!
Memorial Day Monday is once
again calling you to come to Eaton and help support the Old Town of Eaton
Museum.   Each year through pies and
goodies the museum manages to bring the history of the area to the public and
to preserve the artifacts that have been...

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Memorial Day the Weather and Our Lady of Fatima rolled into one!
This week of unbelievable turmoil politically, has been made
even drearier by the rain and unusual cold in Eaton.   Our little group of workers have continued toward our goal
of getting things together for our upcoming 22 nd “Eaton Day” on
Memorial Day Mond...

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Memorial Day is coming up! Please share!

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Memorial Day & Eaton Day and the PIES are almost here!
Rain, Rain, Go away… come again any day but Memorial Day
Monday also known as Eaton Day!   The usual Eaton Day (Memorial Day Monday) plans are firming
up and some new ideas are going to be put together. The “Day” that runs from 9 am until 3 pm is an opportu...

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May and Memorial Day Monday Means Pies and History!
Old Town of Eaton Museum Dreary as it has been the past few days, at least it is not
SNOWING!   It is May 1 however,
and so it is time to get out the information on Eaton Day! Once again our
historical group will be hosting Eaton Day in the Hamlet of Eaton ...

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New Blog on the Old Home......

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More on the Old Madison County Home, winter and Welfare Reform
Workers starting the rebuilding of "The Home!. This week as usual has been cold for the most part.  Winter does not read its still winter.  The snow is still on the I thought I would continue with the story of the old "Madison Cou...
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