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Vampires FROM Mars
A weekly all-ages webcomic about vampires. From Mars.
A weekly all-ages webcomic about vampires. From Mars.

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New Vampires FROM Mars comic by yours truly! And guess what? It's digital! Pretty futuristic, eh? Go on and give it a looksee. And don't forget to SHARE!

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Holy smokes, Vampires FROM Mars has updated!

Many, many thanks to guest artist +Jeff Beckman for providing this week's hilarity.

Don't forget to SHARE!

Call for Comics (Cross-posted on +Jonathan David Lim)

Hey guys. So as you have probably noticed, I haven't updated my webcomic -- Vampires FROM Mars -- for the past couple of months. I feel really horribly about it, and I really am scrambling to get back on a proper schedule, but my life has been super hectic. Plus, my brain is being bombarded with all these other ideas, and I simply can't keep up!

So I'm putting out a call for some guest comics. If you're even remotely familiar with the VFM crew, and can hold a pencil betwixt your fingers, then please please PLEASE draw me a comic! I'll give you the proper credits and a link back to your site and all that fun jazz. I just need to get the ball rolling on VFM again.

E-mail me your hi-res (1000+ pixels wide) comics and I'll toss em on the site.

And even if you can't draw, PLEASE SHARE this post so that others who can draw might do a thing for me as well.


After a bit of sleuthing, it appears +andy maguire is lucky number 250! I'll get to your caricature as soon as possible, but at the mo', I'm enjoying the company of my parents.

And Happy New Year, as well! Let's make 2012 a good one.

Oh snap. I just noticed I now have 265 followers! I need to track down #250 and draw em up.

Okay, now to shoot for 360, because all this circling is making my head spin.

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I failed to mention yesterday that there's some more fan art on the site -- 'The Adventures of Mr Kitten' by +Jaydot Sloane. Make with the clicky!

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Today I explain my missed updates and put out a call for fan art. Pass it along!

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This week's strip tells a bad joke.

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This week's strip is about video games!

In other news, The Race to 250 Followers has somewhat stalled at 106, which is mostly my fault as I haven't done a whole lot in the way of updating this thing over the weekend. (I blame work.) Anyway, Share this with everyone you know, and help me reach 250 fans!

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Thanks +Jens Reuterberg! Here's your Super Secret prize.

Now let's try to hit 250! If you're lucky number Two-Five-Oh, you'll get a caricature just like Jens'. No guarantee that the VFM cast will be any less selfish.
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