Sitting for long hours at a desk in front of a computer is how many people spend their workdays. To give you relief from #lowerbackpain and to help with #posture , try using palms on the thighs periodically to grant you better #sitting stability. The #heels of the #feet also will assist the sits bones to stabilize the #hips sockets so that the palms can deepen the femur bones back into the resilience of the joints. Then you will be able to lengthen the #lumbarspine  as well as get more ease in supporting the #thoracic spine and the neck and head. But the initiating force of the heels arcing slightly down and back is the key to getting the sits bones to stabilize the pelvis. The lower spine support and length depends on the hip sockets - and the hips depend on the heels. Check out my new e-book: High Heel Healing: Using the Feet & Legs Efficiently for Improving Posture, Exercise & Sports on iBooks:
Posture for Seated Stability in Long Periods of Sitting at Desk or Computer
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