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A little more... And I Say To Myself, What A Wonderful World...

Feeling a little "Yellow" this morning...

This was captured from Point Isabel, Richmond, California...

Once again, I am a complete floral "Idiot"... Don't know the species, sorry...

Hope you like...
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pretty like the song
especially Armstrong's voice

nice shot
Nalla J
Ms +Malika M. always love your words and visits!!!
Thanx much!!!
I way more than like it.. I Love it! :) Beautiful work of art! :) ♥
stunning pic, really like your selective coloring ... so inspiring
Very nice. Love the foreground brother and the selective coloring of said foreground.
+Allan Jocson
Allan quand j"aime je "partage"when i like i share please à quelle heure l'ai-je partager avec toi pour moi il était 8h27mn et pour toi ???
but i don't understand my portable it is very in difficulté .)) again
Nalla J
Parlez-vous du temps que vous l'aviez envoyé à mon heure locale?
Pardonnez-moi, mais je suis trop confondu avec votre question. :)
exactement ça merci de votre message et again .)) at you
CJ Cox
love this one, Allan!
.)) CJ for Allan and for following me
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