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“Not that their solutions are solutions that I agree with" says Rahm.. but gosh, I thought the problem was that they don't HAVE solutions..

I wish these rich jackasses would make up their minds. Is it that the Occupy folks are too unfocused or is it that you don't like what they have to say?

As far as I know, nobody has a "solution", What people have is anger: anger at corruption, anger at little people getting screwed over every day while rich people and rich corporations buy themselves even more power and wealth.

I saw some idiot yesterday saying "It sounds like you people are jealous of folks who have more than you do." No, that's not it. If you work hard or work smart, you deserve the rewards. It's when you leverage your gains to stack the deck against the rest of us that we get pissed off.

I'm going to use a poker analogy here. In no-limit games, if someone makes a bet you can't match, you can push whatever you do have into the pot and, if you win, you win a matching amount.

If you couldn't do that, then someone with more money than you could always take your ante or previous bet because all they need to do is bet more than you have.

Although an imperfect analogy, that does describe what has been going on in America and the world today - the wealthy are using their money and power to make damn sure that they keep on winning every pot.

"I see your $50.00 and raise you six million". Your four Aces are worthless - and you lost $50 for stupidly thinking you were playing in a fair game.

Of course what really happens is this: the guy with the chips uses his money to change the rules of the game. Amazingly enough, in this hand your four Aces are no good because - according to the new rules the other guys money helped buy - two fours and a five of clubs beats anything you might have.

You didn't even know that rule existed, because it was buried in a 3,000 page book of dense legal jargon that you didn't even get when you sat down at the table - but you can go look it up and as your opponent lays down his hand, he'll happily refer you to the rule that says he wins.

He ALWAYS wins.

THAT is what people are angry about. Not that someone else has a bigger pile of chips, but that they are using those chips to stack the deck against the rest of us.

Not jealousy. ANGER.
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Yep. I've decided the demand for specific demands is a trick. Get them to list demands to either ridicule, co-opt, or otherwise neutralize. As long as the demand is cleaner government (less monied corruption), more transparency and oversight on Wall St., and a fairer tax system - well. The numbers who reject those ideas are relatively few. If you start trotting out solutions, you'll have factions fighting within the movement, and those who want to either co-opt or neutralize will have hard targets.

Just a trick.
By the way, may I quote you on that? I can say "someone I know said" if you'd rather not be directly associated with it.
Sure thing! Improve it and claim it as your own! Whatever you like.
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