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Support comes first.
Support comes first.


Sounds like the GFI thing is going as well as I thought it would..

There are a few members here who are also moderators. We could use a few more - duties are light, basically just approving member requests and (rarely) deleting spam.


I have closed my business and will be leaving this forum at the end of this week.

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Things that concern me:

- Continuity of product. I'd lose customers if they (for example) focus on Cloud and neglect on-premise products. I think Kerio was trying to head that way anyway, but GFI could accelerate it.

- Conversion of customers to direct sales.

- Changes to ordering process. I have automated systems dependent on Kerio's web site; changes will cause difficulty for me.

- Changes to support: access, charges, response time.

Anything else?

Note from the Partner Forum:

"Noteworthy is that GFI is exclusively a Windows shop. I expect support for Linux and Mac as a server platform to be dropped during 2017. Client support for macOS will probably be de-emphasized as well. So long for Kerio being the best cross-platform email and calendaring suite"

I don't know why they'd do that unless they are laying off the Kerio developers. Doesn't make sense to me.

I will say this:

I've not been pleased with Kerio management for a number of years now. So, while this sale is unsettling, it also offers at least the potential for improvement.

Customer comment about GFI:

"Might be a good thing, I know many IT support shops that use their products and are very happy with them. They are solid, easy to use and effective."

Just in case you didn't notice.. SamePage apparently was not included in the GFI sale.

Not sure that matters very much except for the hosting of sales materials etc.

So the GFI thing was rather unexpected.. and a bit scary.
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