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Things that concern me:

- Continuity of product. I'd lose customers if they (for example) focus on Cloud and neglect on-premise products. I think Kerio was trying to head that way anyway, but GFI could accelerate it.

- Conversion of customers to direct sales.

- Changes to ordering process. I have automated systems dependent on Kerio's web site; changes will cause difficulty for me.

- Changes to support: access, charges, response time.

Anything else?
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I think everyone here is jumping the gun on this acquisition. Why would a company spend all this money on the products and then change it? What financial sense does it have for GFI to do so at this point? It has none. Maybe down the road, they will remove the linux and mac os based servers once they get their plan figured out, but if they took connect and make it windows only at this point with their next release they would shutter a ton of money and customers.

No one knows whats going to happen at this point and I think speculating on it will not get anything accomplished except fear and worry.

If it turns out that this is actually what happens then I choose to vote with my wallet and will turn to another vendor with a competing product that fills the gap. There are a number of them out there so moving from one to the other is not a huge issue, but can be a pain for customers and getting up to speed on other products. Hey thats life. Unless your a Microsoft or Google, products and companies in the SMB markets get bought, purchased, and shuttered all the time.

Its just simply a fact of life at this point.
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Tony Lawrence

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I will say this:

I've not been pleased with Kerio management for a number of years now. So, while this sale is unsettling, it also offers at least the potential for improvement.
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Never even heard of them!
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Tony Lawrence

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Just in case you didn't notice.. SamePage apparently was not included in the GFI sale.

Not sure that matters very much except for the hosting of sales materials etc.
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Hi guys, the split of Kerio and Samepage was finished couple of months ago. Now the developers teams are located in different buildings here in Pilsen (CZ)
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Tony Lawrence

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If you are thinking Apple Watch this season, let me just warn you of a few things you need to know:

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Tony Lawrence

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Quote: "Is Google raising the bar too high or is their recruiting staff seriously lacking the skills they are supposed to rate?"

I don't think so. I could answer all of those and I am definitely not qualified to be a "big-shot engineer at Google". Those are not hard questions if you have done much coding.

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Tony Lawrence

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Note from the Partner Forum:

"Noteworthy is that GFI is exclusively a Windows shop. I expect support for Linux and Mac as a server platform to be dropped during 2017. Client support for macOS will probably be de-emphasized as well. So long for Kerio being the best cross-platform email and calendaring suite"

I don't know why they'd do that unless they are laying off the Kerio developers. Doesn't make sense to me.
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This wouldn't be the first time I've seen a company purchase another company in their entirety just because they want a thin slice of their product lineup. GFI are 100% focussed on Windows, it's what they do and it's all they know. Whilst I don't think support for Linux and macOS will be dropped immediately, I will be surprised if they're given the same priority for development and support as Windows over the medium to long term.

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Tony Lawrence

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Customer comment about GFI:

"Might be a good thing, I know many IT support shops that use their products and are very happy with them. They are solid, easy to use and effective."
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Another customer email:

If you go to the link in the e-mail from Kerio with your cellphone you will discover that GFI's website does not support cellphones!

Their website is not designed for mobile phones! NOT a good sign!

Kerio's owners are cashing out. They don't give a damn who takes over or they would not have picked this company. None of the so-called "products" they offer have any useful synergism with Kerio Connect. Their website tells us very little about the company.

We have no use for any of their so-called "free" GFI Prime products. What we want is what we paid for, a quality email server with quality tech support from the company's programmers who developed Kerio Connect. There's no way another company can acquire such a complex product without the Kerio personnel to maintain it.

How do I know? I know as my company has spent more than $1.6M on software development and have had new programmers take 1.5 years to begin to really understand the code. The person who really knew the code died of pancreatic cancer in 2015. Code documentation by programmers is miserable. No code is self-documenting.

Had they told us GFI was buying the product in 2017, we would not have renewed support. Why would we pay for support we have zero experience with? GFI's website is not impressive, in fact it's a turn off.

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Tony Lawrence

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So the GFI thing was rather unexpected.. and a bit scary.
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Hello Tony and others,
it was not "so unexpected", at least in the end of 2016 when they decided to close offices and fire employees in Russia, Poland, Germany...
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Tony Lawrence

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Are Apple's new Macbook Pro's actually better than a tablet? I think they could be.

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Tony Lawrence

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BTW, you don't need to click anything for Apple Pay. Just raise to wake and bring your phone near the payment device. Apple Pay pops up all by itself.
Why you should get dirty in Apple's walled garden.
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Tony Lawrence

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I like the new rental/hardware as a service for Control/Operator boxes. I haven't sold any yet, but although obviously more expensive, it eliminates a lot of future headaches.

Wish there was a way to offer some sort of deal to existing customers to attract them to that.
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Dan was an engineer. If you can imagine an engineer running such a place, maybe you'll understand why some people find him rude. However, he's actually a very nice man and his wife Ginny is lovely also. We've been coming here since 1989 (before Dan and Ginny owned it) and simply wouldn't consider anywhere else. The grounds are beautiful, the staff is always great and our fellow members are wonderful people. If you have any trouble with Dan (very unlikely unless you are breaking rules), just say "Yes, Oh Mighty Master!" and he will laugh. Seriously - don't let that bad review cause you to miss a wonderful resort.
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We had Nick G. in for a furnace problem a few weeks ago and because he was so professional on that, we had him back to remove, reseal and put back a badly installed kitchen sink. The cost was definitely more than than it should have been ($200 for about an hour's work), but on the other hand the job was done professionally, cleanly, and quickly. That's worth paying extra for, at least for me. We had another local plumber in a few weeks ago to put in a shutoff valve on our washing machine: they gouged up our floor moving the machine and would have broken the door of the washer if I hadn't yelled at them that they had it jammed - I do not get the feeling that ARS would ever have let that happen. With other workman we have to watch like hawks, laying out old towels so they don't scratch things with their tools - again, Nick did that automatically. It looks to me that he's always thinking about stuff like that. Little details like wearing pull-on boot covers and spreading out a cloth matter. So - ARS is not the cheapest, but if you want quality and care, I definitely recommend them. With cheap, you get what you pay for.
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