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Magically Theatrical Comedy Allows Derek Hughes to Level Up Your Event - Derek Hughes’s specialty is magic, comedy, and acting. He is confident that the experience and the emotions transmitted by a magic performance cannot be captured in a recording, even if it is in high-definition.
Derek has become quite popular after he was a finalist on season 10 of...

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3 Ways Jeff Havens Can Improve Your Business the Fun Way - Any company can use some help when it comes to optimizing their processes. Especially if we are talking about a larger company which has several departments, you need to put quite a lot of work in aligning their performance to get increasingly better results.
Moreover, if there’s a speaker...

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Keeping It Clean: Top Clean Comedians to Consider for Your Event - Clean comedy is an excellent entertainment choice for a wide array of events, including:

Corporate events,
Private parties and gatherings.

However, finding hilarious clean comedians who do not swear or talk about vulgar subjects to get a laugh can be more challenging than...

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4 Types of Business Events Which Will Bring You Growth - Making a name for yourself is a sustained effort wherein you have to put every ounce of energy and business acumen you can find.
One way you can work on it is organizing several types of business events.
Of course, not any kind of event will be suited to your business goal, so you will need to...

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Live Music for Corporate Events: 3 Amazing Acts Everyone Will Love - As the person in charge of planning the event, there are several aspects you have to take into account when booking live music for corporate events.
For starters, you have to make sure your entertainment of choice is in agreement with the venue’s available amenities, as well as the main...

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4 Essential Qualities Making Eric Jones a Top Pick for Magic Entertainment - If you are watching season 12 of America’s Got Talent, you may have seen a young man called Eric Jones.
After having received a ‘no’ from Simon Cowell, he managed to come back swinging during the Judge Cuts and earn his spot in the Live Finals. 
If anything, this is a...

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4 Insanely Creative Fundraiser Ideas for Nonprofits - Generally speaking, people love to give and share. However, first, they have to be compelled to do so. This is something fundraiser planners know all too well, so ‘creativity’ is a must-have skill which helps them come up with the right concept to drive interest.
When they are trying...

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Top Reasons Heidi Schwartz Is the Right Choice for a Glammed Up Event - Heidi Schwartz is the world’s leading event painter. Ever since she was a little girl, Heidi would draw and play music.
She concluded that her style is equally impressionistic as it is expressionistic. Because of that, not everyone understood what message she wanted to communicate through...

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Hosting an Event in Houston? 4 Top Speakers from Texas to Consider - Your next event in Houston is approaching fast. You have already come up with a budget, selected a beautiful venue and picked the best menu. Your event is bound to be a smashing success, right?
Well, wait a minute now. How about entertainment?
Picking the right entertainment is just as important...
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