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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Android Authority
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Android Authority


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+Lanh Nguyen 2 PHONES! ZENFONE!

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I'm in love. Kudos to +LG Mobile Global for creating what I consider to be the best smartwatch on the market! Great review from +Lanh Nguyen 

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Like SoC's? Me too. Want to more about them? Funny you should ask. 

Kudos to king nerd +Robert Triggs for masterfully putting this together.

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Very excited about this company, and will be paying very close attention to it. We'll be seeing a great demo at CES 2015. Awesome post from +Robert Triggs 

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No wonder why late 20th century imperialists feared it so. 

Hemp, the future? Nice find from the one and only, the mighty +Andrew Grush 

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Next to the Galaxy Tab S 8.4, this actually has me excited for tablets again. Awesome video and initial thoughts from +Joshua Vergara 

lost generation 

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We sat down with Wolfson to discuss the state of audio and mobile tech! Great post from +Robert Triggs 

Music soothes even the savage beast 

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Android is set to continue to conquer new product verticals and categories; yet another nail in the coffin for the open vs closed debate. 

Do you ride, bro?

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Things are picking up in the nonstop world of Android and mobile tech. 
Android Authority this week

Things are picking up again in the Android universe. This week brought us details on hot new devices coming this fall, from the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4, to the highly-anticipated Nexus tablet from HTC. LG leaked its own G3 Stylus, we learned more about Motorola’s plans, and Update Wednesday brought cool new features to Google’s apps. Check it out!
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