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Based Doge │ ♣ Mayor of Google+

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This. Looks. Amazing.

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Old people are the problem, it seems. :/

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Bernie telling it like it is. Who could possibly disagree with this?

There is s reason he is the single most popular politician in the country.


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It's time.
"They won those seats," Sanders said of Labour, "not by moving to the right, not by becoming more conciliatory -- they won those seats by standing (up) to the ruling class of the UK."

Lamenting Republican control of not just Washington but in state legislatures, Sanders said "the current model and the current strategy of the Democratic Party is an absolute failure."

His prescription for the party was "fundamental change" and to "knock on every damn door" in search of new votes, even in historically inhospitable regions.

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Breaking: according to exit polls, May will NOT have an overall majority, Corbyn outperforms pre-election polling. Approx 7 point spread.


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Lmfao perfect. 

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This was Seinfeld's best work.

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Please elect the man and rock the political world.

And democratizing the economy means challenging the most important fundamental of capitalist economics: the primacy of private ownership. In particular, private ownership of capital, of all the things — the buildings, the machines, the tools, the hardware, and the software — that we use to make other things.

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Lol make up your mind, old people. 
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