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"Tolerance is a Wonderful Thing!"
"Tolerance is a Wonderful Thing!"

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Where Social Networking Falls Short!
This article takes a deeper look at the pros and cons of networking on the web vs. networking in person. While it's true that the social spaces of the web provide an invaluable means to communicate with others, I've also learned from experience that communication in the digital realm often presents barriers that make the relationships we build with others online less meaningful than those we build in person. 

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Zombie Raid - Horror Themed Rail Shooter (Sammy 1995)
A full playthrough of the classic horror themed rail-shooter Zombie Raid! Developed and published by Sammy as an arcade title that was never ported to home consoles. The game's characters have a comic book like appearance, especially the werewolves.

The game's enemy characters range from battles with armed grave robbers in a cemetery, to bats, gargoyles, zombies, Frankenstein looking monsters, and even a large 2 headed beast.

Zombie Raid's story line begins in 1918 England, where a private detective known as Edward Windsor is sent to investigate a series of disappearances and grave robberies in a small town. Windsor quickly realizes he's not just battling grave robbers, but the town itself appears to be overrun with the living dead!

Windsor eventually teams up with another character named Charles, who fights alongside him to battle zombies until shortly after they enter a mysterious castle, where Charles ultimately meets his demise. Charles is shot, and rather than simply dying, he's transformed into a hideous beast and Edward is now forced to fight the friend he once trusted. In fact, Edward embarks in several battles against the mutated Charles throughout the game.

The game shares an almost Halloween like theme, with settings pitting players in a graveyards and a haunted castle. Then of course there's the comic book looking characters such as those Frankenstein monsters, the werewolves, bats, and zombies, that look like something out of a Halloween cartoon. 

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Sleep deprivation may cause your brain to literally eat itself! If there's one thing I can't stand its a lack of sleep and the fatigue that follows. The article points out how researchers have come to the conclusion that astrocytes, the cells that normally prune synapses in our brains and clear out old cells to make room for new ones, actually begins to eat away at healthy cells and synapses as a result of a lack of sleep. 

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Just more proof that racism, ignorance, and intolerance are core conservative values. Nice to see the Republican trash party show its true colors. GOP candidate for Virginia Governor Corey Stewart states quote, he will "Defend our conservative values", and that our nations most racist general in history Robert E. Lee is quote, "A Hero and an Honorable Man!" Just one of the many insensitive statements he made in his recent campaign of pro Confederate tweets he posted, many of which he's since deleted and tried to deny.

It's amazing how these candidates will say or do anything to secure their bid for election, regardless of who they hurt. This guy has been on a campaign of preserving the symbols of confederacy, including confederate monuments. While I would agree that the Confederate flag, etc, were part of our American history, they're also a terrible reminder of American's horrific and disgusting past. While the confederate flag should have a place in our history books, why on earth are our politicians glorifying symbols of hatred? The confederate flag itself is a symbol of intolerance and racism. This just proves that Republicans are mentally deranged sociopaths. 

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Destiny 2 will have players new and old start from scratch. As they progress through the game, they will become more powerful and regain what was lost. Loss is one of the central focuses of the campaign. Players will not only lose their powers but their city. This is all due to the new baddie, Commander Ghaul, and his Red Legion.

The game will have new PVP modes, strikes, and a new raid. It will also have three weapon slots instead of two. This will allow players a higher degree of customization with their load outs. Each of the three available player types will have new classes. These include the Dawnblade for Warlocks, a Captain America-esque shield for Titans, and the Arcslider electric staff for Hunters. And there will, of course, be new guns to shoot aliens in the face with.

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YouTube is the most used search engine after Google. It is an enormous, untapped traffic source and has almost limitless potential. But how do you get people to watch your video instead of others in such a crowded place? If you consider the fact that more than 100 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube every minute, you’ll realize that you have to compete. People do it with video SEO and by not relying on their sheer hope that at least one of them will go viral.

If you want to generate more traffic than your competitors, you must stop making lazy uploads and start optimizing your videos. With 30 million visits per day, YouTube is the place where you can jump in and leverage its potential to your benefit.

Here, we are about to explain to you the ins and outs of how to implement SEO for YouTube and share some advice on how to rank videos in both YouTube and Google. Let’s start with covering the basics.

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Tech Romancer - Arcade Mech Battle Game (Capcom 1998)
Taking a closer look at the classic 90's mech battle game Tech Romancer! The game consists of 1 vs. 1 robot battles that take place on an open 3D playing field; unlike similar arcade mech fighters like Cyber Bots, which was more linear in game play, battling only left to right.

The mech bots in this game have a similar look and feel to something out of the Transformers, with each robot having its own strengths and weaknesses. The bots with hover packs are more mobile, but tend to do a bit less damage, while the ground close-quarter based mechs are typically stronger and do a lot more damage for a single attack.

The game's mechs were created by a Japanese design studio called "Studio Nue", and the game was developed and published by Capcom. Original an arcade title (this is the arcade version), Tech Romancer was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast console as well.

The game's 3-Dimensional playing field and characters really set it apart from the earlier title Cyber Bots, and the controls in this game were fairly simple to grasp.

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V-Rally 2: Skoda Octavia Rally Car in Euro Trophy Circuit (Dreamcast)
Racing with the Skoda Octavia rally car in V-Rally 2! The Octavia is a 2Liter, turbo charged, 6 speed rally racer with good handling in this game. This is a full playthrough of all 8 tracks of the Euro Trophy circuit. The race starts on a dirt track in Portugal, and progresses on to Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Corsica, The French Alps, and the final track in England. One of the best off road rally racing games ever next to the Dirt series.

This is the Sega Dreamcast version, recorded at 60 FPS with OBS.
Check out our channel for more great racing game videos:

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How YouTube's Ad Friendly Guidelines Punish The Wrong People!
As many are aware, Google recently changed their terms of service regarding the types of content they will allow on their video sharing platform YouTube, including their "Advertiser Friendly Guidelines" for content creators. The changes came in response to Google's recent ad fiasco, in which advertisers demanded Google clean up its platform.

As this article points out, while Google has so far done a great job throwing the YouTube platform's bad actors under the bus, including those who spread fake news, and produce videos depicting hatred and intolerance, unfortunately those changes have also brought about some unintended victims as well; including gaming channels and others who produce content with no bad intentions in mind. 
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