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Play The Best Free Games Online!
We've worked hard for close to 2 years now to build the greatest collection of free games online! Today our collection has grown to over 200+ titles, encompassing games from retro flash remakes, to modern Unity 3D masterpieces. Enjoy old school classics like Galaga, Pacman and Snow Bros, or dive into the 3D realm of modern titles such as Black Sun, a mesmerizing 3D outer space shooter.
Play tons of free games online! Play Retro games, action and adventure games, racing games, fighting games, classic games, and many more!
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Daniel Imbellino

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The Rising Importance of Social SEO and a Marketer’s Takeaways

In a nutshell, Social SEO is not rocket science. It’s new, but an experienced online marketer won’t take much time to get through it.

So if you are a part of the digital marketing industry, then keep yourself updated with all the new trends in Social SEO to get the best results for your online campaigns.
The gap between social media and SEO is shrinking. The conventional SEO trends and practices are now almost obsolete. SEO firms don’t get bulk link building assignments any more. Nor can they claim success in ranking a site against a particular keyword. The charm of the industry, by and large, seems to be waning. But …
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Daniel Imbellino

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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Retro Review!
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Retro Review!
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Daniel Imbellino

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Instagram Tips To Turn Followers Into NEW CLIENTS!
So Nice to see how this community has grown. Hi everyone! I just had to share this great post with you.
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Daniel Imbellino

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+Elwood Hellsythe I assumed you'd found it after it had been missing for a while.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Ori and the Blind Forest is a rare feat which grabs an 9.5 – an exquisite-looking platformer which has loveable characters, a beautiful story, fantastic controls and innovative level design. It utilizes gravity, physics and the agile nature of the protagonist to create moments of joy and awe. You’ll need to be quick with your fingers, but the rewards are worth it. Ori and the Blind Forest talks about love, loss and belonging in a superb platforming package. Get it now.
#XboxOne #Review #Oriandtheblindforest  
There is a languid beauty to the world of Ori and the Blind Forest, the game utilizes the wonderful potential of the setting admirably in this Xbox One review.
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Daniel Imbellino

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OK, so Konami is 'mobile first' but doesn't plan to stop making console games
Konami says it's not done with console games, even if it is putting more emphasis on mobile platforms than ever before. The publisher sent out a full, professionally translated version of the eyebrow-raising interview that circulated earlier this month, apparently hoping to quell some concerns.
Snippets pulled from the fan-translated version made it sound like Konami was done with console games, compounded with its semi-public breakup with Hideo Kojima. But according to the full interview with Konami director and president Hideki Hayakawa, it's more like making mobile the foundation of its gaming division - not its sole product.
#Konami #MobileGames #ConsoleGames
More @
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Glad to hear the successor of Castlevania is going to make it to wiiu. I saw a vita goal, but who knows if it'll make it. I never got into MG series, but its never too late.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Have a spare $100k? Why not pick up a limited edition Star Wars Battle Pod?
Bandai Namco this week announced that the company will start selling special premium versions of its Star Wars Battle Pod arcade cabinets in Japan, according to a translation by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft.
The collector's edition battle pod cabinets sells for 12 million yen, which is about $98,000.
The cabinets come in two versions: Rebel and Darth Vader. Both versions come with leather seats, special carpeting and include a bound owner's manual. The battle pods also have a mounted plaque that is numbered and includes the owner's name.  The owner's name is also included in the game's credits.
If you're not up for the nearly $100,000 pod, you can pick up the standard arcade game for a mere $37,000.
#StarWars #BattlePod #ArcadeGames
Source: Namco Bandai
Via: Kotaku
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Daniel Imbellino

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Starbucks Debuts Mini Store Concept in New York!
Unlike Starbucks traditional concept of creating coffee shops as a gathering place, the new mini-store concept is defined pump out coffee in volumes, and quickly! Customers at the new mini store that resides across the street from the New York Stock Exchange will be greeted as they walk in the front door by employees with handheld devices, ready and willing to take your order.

The store pictures is just 538 square feet, and is just part of Starbucks strategy to monetize from those who're constantly on the go. Read the article for more.
Starbucks has opened its first "Express" store in New York, one of several express locations coming to the city as the company pilots the mini store concept. At 538 square feet on the ground floor ...
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Daniel Imbellino

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"Understanding what happens on your Pinterest account helps you to optimize your pins and pin boards to get the best engagement and highest conversions." +Ian Cleary 

He's absolutely right. There's a lot that can be learned from +Pinterest analytics. Nice list of tools worth checking out.

Other Good Reads In Social Media:
Six Pinterest analytics tools to help you understand which Pinterest pins get you the most engagement, clicks and conversions.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Sharing LinkedIn Publications and Embedding them on Your Blog/Website.

Have you ever noticed that Publications on LinkedIn Pulse are missing something? These have share buttons for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, but not one for Pinterest! This is odd, given how major a player Pinterest now is and how it is often reported as providing extended life to blog posts. You'd have thought that LinkedIn would like to have it's Pulse articles all over that space too? In fact, the situation is worse still, because even if you copy-paste a LinkedIn Publication's URL to a Pinterest web upload, bizarrely it doesn't find the cover image but comes up with an error message.

All is not lost, however, because on the Firefox browser there is an add-on called "Pinterest Pin Button". There may also be a Chrome Extension which does similar things. This add-on allows one to pin any and all images on a page to a Pinterest Board, which then automatically links back to the page you are pinning it from. It is therefore a simple matter to pin the cover image for the LinkedIn Publication as a visual bookmark to your posts. The beauty of method is that it also auto-generates the pin description from the Publication title. I have just created a Pinterest board and very rapidly pinned my Publications to it.

But it goes it a little deeper than that. Because once on Pinterest, we can effectively embed LinkedIn Publications on our blogs and webpages. Unfortunately, I can't demonstrate this bit here, but you can see this in action in the attached blog post.
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+Gary Sharpe A great guide, thank you!
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Daniel Imbellino

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10 Percent of Small, Local Businesses Have Purchased Twitter Ads

Have you purchased ads on Twitter to drive business? How big of a role do social media ads play in your marketing?
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