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Google Plus  - 
Why I Still Have Faith in Google Plus!
Without a doubt, this platform has seen many ups and downs over the last few years, but I still have faith in its incredibly strong and larger than life community base. The network has often suffered from things like low engagement levels, and more recently, bad decisions from Google themselves in terms of a widely unpopular user interface. This brings me to the realization that sometimes we just have to be willing to accept things for the way they are, and be willing to work with what you have. As I've outlined in the article itself, despite the media's long assumption that this is a "Ghost Town", some of us are in fact doing things to make a positive change, with or without Google's help.
Why its not the end of Google Plus! What both its community base and Google can do to revive it!
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Thank you Daniel... have a super day
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Daniel Imbellino

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Gauntlet Dark Legacy - All Cut Scenes!
A look at all the animated cut scenes for each realm from the classic Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Includes cut scenes from all 8 realms including, Forsaken Province, Mountain Kingdom, Castle Stronghold, Forest, Ice Domain, Dream World, and Sky Dominion. 
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Daniel Imbellino

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Inauguration protesters vandalize, set fires, try to disrupt Trump’s oath, as police arrest nearly 100 so far!
While there's a lot of things I don't agree with concerning this election, I'm a true believer that two wrongs doesn't make a right. There's better ways to fight for a cause than resulting to violence.

Don't get me wrong, people have a right to be angry, especially concerning Trump's cabinet picks, including the intolerant and bigoted Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions. Both of which have proven to be purveyors of intolerance and bigotry. Assigning Jeff Sessions the seat as the next U.S Attorney General is clearly a step backward for America, in a time when we're trying to get our country to come together, this man wants to tear it apart. He's a racist, intolerant piece of crap, plain and simple.

Sessions is the same guy who told a white civil rights lawyer he was quote, "A disgrace to his race", and Coretta Scott king has voiced disgust in this man being put in such a prominent position.

Here we just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr and his incredible achievements, the man who died fighting for equality for everyone. Yet, Trump wants this idiot Sessions to be the next attorney general? Time for these old farts to get out of power, this isn't 1955, its 2017, wake up folks. There's no room for hatred, intolerance, and racism in America anymore, nor will it be tolerated. Sessions should be changing his diapers, cleaning his dentures, and picking his old man scabs, rather than acting as a public face of our government leadership.

It's definitely disheartening to see Trump try to move us backwards, rather than forward by putting such morons in a position of power. Either way, I don't agree with the violence, nor will I celebrate Trump's inauguration, as he hardly deserves being celebrated. As for Trump's speech, I'll believe it when I see it, talk is cheap.
Thousands of protesters descend on Washington, some of them blocking checkpoints, preventing Trump supporters from making in to see ceremony.
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+Michael Haney A lot of people are trying to use the whole Russian hacking scandal as an excuse for why Trump shouldn't be elected. Dude, he won, people should get over themselves. I think its great that for the first time in a long time, we're actually starting to reconcile our differences with Russia, and at the hands of our leader. How can this possible be a bad thing?

While I would agree Russia has done some pretty shady stuff, including the silencing of Putin's political opposition with the use of force, supporting a sociopath leader in Syria (Assad), as well as the fact the country lacks basic human rights on many levels, this doesn't mean we have to agree with them, but is also doesn't mean we have to be their enemy. If we were to build a relationship with them and be respectful towards them, we'd be more likely to get their leadership to see eye to eye, and maybe not do so many negative things as a result.

Besides, Russia is trying really hard right now to forget the past and create a new alliance with us. What they're saying is that they're openly willing to change, so why shouldn't we be as well? If we were friends with them, then when things did go wrong we could much more easily get their support, and avert potential problems before they ever started.
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Daniel Imbellino

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You need a whole Power Strip to Operate This Mess!
Probably no console manufacturer lost the initiative worse than Sega did after it slayed the dragon known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1992, on the heels of a gambit that saw Sega bundle the Genesis system with Sonic the Hedgehog, they managed to capture a staggering 60% market share—this less than two years after controlling a paltry 10%. But by 1994 the honeymoon was over. Despite strong sales of the Genesis system in North America, sales of its equivalent Mega Drive in Japan were foundering.
The Genesis enabled Sega to climb to the top of the mountain, challenging Nintendo's Supremacy. After releasing the 32x that success came crumbling down.
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+Ryan Walters I had Marvel vs. Capcom, Sega Rally, and a few others. Awesome games on the Saturn! Wish they had done more with it really. Yeah, the public figured out real quick the Sega CD was a flop.
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Daniel Imbellino

Google Plus  - 
The Day of Reckoning For Google+ - Or is it?
Recently, Google has been sending notifications to users that it will soon be ending its classic user interface for the Google+ platform, prompting users to switch to the new Google+. While many have been willing to embrace the new user interface and just accept it, it seems many others are not. We're interested to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding the changes. 
Recently, Google has begun delivering notifications to users of the Google+ platform that the end is near for its classic user interface…
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+Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz Thanks, I'm looking for it now.
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For Tech and Gaming News it has been a really busy two weeks. CES 2017, AMD's big VEGA data dump, and the Nintendo Switch Event. There's too much news to cover, so I've selected the most interesting news items that got people's attention. If you have questions feel free to post them in the comments below.

NOTICE: The audio problems are fixed now. This is an entirely new video, the old one couldn't be corrected. I tried. I know what went wrong so I won't be making the same mistake again. Anyway, please enjoy, the content is virtually identical to the original video I did yesterday.
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Daniel Imbellino

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How do you play PC games in the living room? There have been many attempts to answer this question with various devices and special furniture but none have been this elegant. The Steam Controller isn't perfect but Valve has come closer than any other in finding a way to play PC games on the couch without needing a bulky mouse & keyboard setup. The customization opens for this controller alone are mind blowing. Every button can be remapped, the touchpads can be customized in a myriad of ways, and there are even accurate gyroscope controls. Let's not forget the haptic feedback which conveys information much better than rumble ever could. This is likely the most customizable gaming peripheral ever made, and the hardware is open source meaning you are free to mod it as much as you want. The Steam Controller is a Revolutionary Evolution of the humble gamepad.
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Daniel Imbellino

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"Buy American and Hire American!" Hope he holds these crooked U.S corporations accountable, and it looks like he's going too. The wealthiest country in the world, and everyone is dirt poor. It's absolutely true that Washington politics has only worked to serve itself, and the people of our nation. #draintheswamp
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Daniel Imbellino

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One of the best franchises out there. In this video you will see how much the franchise has evolved graphically. In my opinion, i don't think the changes are too drastic.
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Daniel Imbellino

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The Nintendo Switch is coming and for Nintendo, it could be a big winner or a big disaster. They need to be careful how they handle this new system or risk having another Wii U Incident. Already there is some confusion about the online service. The voice chat app runs on a phone, not on the Switch itself, and that has some people confused. Otherwise, the Switch looks promising as long as Nintendo doesn't fumble the ball.

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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Our moral leader - Martin Luther King Jr.
We should celebrate this day and honor the man who not only fought for equality for all Americans, but who was a true champion of defeating ignorance, intolerance, and hatred, with love and kindness.
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$89.00 for 9 days of medication :( How in the world is anyone supposed to afford that. It seems the glue that holds me together is now gone. This is all that's left, just an empty box, along with a sorry from a pharmacy that says they can do nothing. Thanks to a discount I used to get from AAA insurance, I was able to afford my Sumatriptan medication for several years, but it seems my luck has run out. The med is manufactured by Dr. Reddy's, a company based out of india, but also located in the U.S. I'm so sick and tired of these greedy drug companies, who take American's sickness has a means to turn a massive profit. Our health is being held for ransom! Without this med, I will be ravaged with non-stop migraines, that feel like I'm being beaten in the head with hammers. I'm holding my breathe that maybe I will get lucky and not get any migraines for several days while I try and figure out what to do. I have a half a pill left, that I'm now guarding with my life.
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"Tolerance is a Wonderful Thing!"
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