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Google Plus  - 
Why I Still Have Faith in Google Plus!
Without a doubt, this platform has seen many ups and downs over the last few years, but I still have faith in its incredibly strong and larger than life community base. The network has often suffered from things like low engagement levels, and more recently, bad decisions from Google themselves in terms of a widely unpopular user interface. This brings me to the realization that sometimes we just have to be willing to accept things for the way they are, and be willing to work with what you have. As I've outlined in the article itself, despite the media's long assumption that this is a "Ghost Town", some of us are in fact doing things to make a positive change, with or without Google's help.
Why its not the end of Google Plus! What both its community base and Google can do to revive it!
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+Sage Bramhall Really, from Google Plus? Were they yours, or someone elses? I definitely have my favorite communities here as well, I'd hate to see them go. Rest assured, none of the communities I manage will be moving there. I know some communities here are struggling, I hope they take note of what we're doing with ours, as it looks like we have a strong working model for how to make it work.
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Daniel Imbellino

Web Publishing  - 
Advergeddon is Coming - How Will Publishers Respond?
One has to wonder if the explosive growth of Ad Blockers means the eventual demise of third party advertising on the web. The problem is, it seems the majority of publishers across the web are still clinging to their  ad revenues. The question is, how will they adapt to a web where ads no longer convert?
What is Advergeddon? It’s the soon to be death sentence of third party ads across publishers sites, and if ad blockers have their way, ads…
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+Davina Ngei Yep, no sense in sitting in denial, third party ads are dead. Even Medium is looking to sponsored native posts as a means of drawing revenue, and third party ads are out. Adsense is going to fall off a cliff and Google knows it. The quality of their ads has been downhill for a long time anyway, and they don't pay well anymore.

There's plenty of alternatives, just look at the monetization options we're rolling out ourselves.
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Daniel Imbellino

Shared publicly  - 
How much attention do you pay to the way your blog post looks – is it easy to read, logically written and formatted? The way your blog post looks can have a huge impact on the success of your blog.

In my latest blog post, I go through how to format and layout the perfect blog post, so that more of your readers will convert into leads. Read the ultimate guide to creating the perfect blog post here, there's also a free checklist and PDF version to help you
Learn how to create the perfect blog post that converts your readers. Top tips on how to layout your content, SEO and create headlines by Lilach Bullock
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Daniel Imbellino

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Anyone who’s been in the blogging game for a while knows that building an audience on the web is no walk in the park. Seasoned bloggers also know that they didn’t build their audiences by begging influencers across the web to acknowledge them.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what I see happening today; wannabe bloggers begging for the attention of supposed influencers.

Here's why you need to stop chasing influencers, and instead start creating your own influence.
Anyone who’s been in the blogging game for a while knows that building an audience on the web is no walk in the park. Seasoned bloggers also know that they didn’t build their audiences by begging influencers across the web to acknowledge them. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I see …
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Daniel Imbellino

Shared publicly  - 
New York Senate passes bill that bans short-term apartment listings on Airbnb #NY
New York Senate passes bill that bans short-term apartment listings on Airbnb #travel #NY - The LadyJStyle - JPKC13 -Welcome to My World - Google+
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Daniel Imbellino

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Google's update to users' security authentification will have a big effect on how users perceive online safety and preventing malicious activity.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Strategic Social Networking Launches on Medium!
We've just launched our Strategic Social News Wire publication on Medium, and our members are welcome to contribute to the publication. Content posted there will be promoted on Google+, including our 120,000+ member strong community, and across our other social channels. Contributed posts should be related to social media, social networking, and IT based subjects as a whole. The post below better explains how to contribute to the new blog.

To contribute, you will need to have an account on Medium. Then just send a direct message to our brand page here, or use the email we've provided in the post below, and submit your Medium user name and we will add you as a writer. All submitted posts will be subject to editor approval.

You must be a member of Strategic Social Networking to contribute to the new publication. If you haven't joined our community here on Google+, you won't be able to contribute.
During the course of this past year, we’ve been actively looking for ways to expand our now fast growing and 120,000 member strong social…
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Daniel Imbellino

Shared publicly  - 
Here're 10 biggest #Windows10 problems & way to fix them
Stop tearing your hair out and follow our tips
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Daniel Imbellino

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Another awesome article from Tony Temple @ arcadeblogger This one digs into the production lines of some classic machines
The rarity of an arcade cabinet is very subjective. Just because a game is old, doesn’t necessarily mean it should be regarded as rare. After 1984, when the video arcade market pretty much cr…
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Daniel Imbellino

Social Media  - 
Get a load of this! Credit Suisse is developing a social network for the super rich. It's called "Clade", and is apparently the financial institution's attempt to appeal to a younger crowd of investors. Interesting to see this happening, wonder how we can all get in on the action. After all, look at all the millionaires who spend their time on instagram.
Credit Suisse-Backed Social Network for Super, Super Rich Is a Go #socialmedia
Clade is meant to be a place for billionaires, and some hundred-millionaires, to connect on investments, philanthropy and art deals.
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+Andrew Spriggs I know what you mean. It seems instagram has been the preferred platform for the wealthy to show off their lifestyles so far. But that platform is free, not sure how this would pan out for Credit Suisse. As the author of the article noted, their credibility is on the line. If the network were to fail, it would be bad for their public image for sure.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Play Hong Kong Ninja - Free Fighting Game Online!
It's a Unity based 16-bit themed fighting game with all the hallmarks of the classic fighting genre. Play as one of two characters, Long or Ring, and take the fight to the streets. You can pick up objects to be used as weapons throughout the game. Best of all, its free to play!
Fight your way through the streets with an arsenal of weapons in this retro themed fighting game Online!
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Daniel Imbellino

Community Guidelines!  - 
Notice of Community Guidelines and Updates
We're currently in the process of cleaning up this community, as well as implementing changes to our community guidelines. Please check out those guidelines below before posting.

New Rules:

Do Not Spam:
Do NOT keyword load your posts with hashtags, make the same posts multiple times and to multiples places, and please share your posts directly to the community rather than resharing them here. All posts must be photography related and not have links that lead to the advertisement of products and services without our consent (More about ads below). Also, please make an effort to include a good description at the top of your posts here.

Be Respectful To Community Members:
There's constructive criticism, then there's downright trash talking, and there's a huge difference! Everyone is welcome to speak their mind here, but purposely bad mouthing others will not be tolerated.

Regarding Ads: Do NOT post ads for products and services here without our explicit consent. Those caught doing so will be banned and reported for spamming. Soon, we will be allowing for limited sponsors to promote their photography related products, services, and content here. This will not be a free service either, and we will only be offering paid promotions to a handful of people. If you're interested in advertising your products, services, etc, here, please contact me directly.

Keep in mind, our promotional services are not available yet, but will be soon.

Stay on Topic:
If it's not photography related, then it doesn't belong here, plain and simple. Those who fail to abide by these guidelines or those of Google will be banned. In the coming days we're going to make an effort to give warnings. If you're given a warning, you're only going to get it once, after that you're gone. These guidelines are not set in stone, and will likely continue to be updated as we continue to improve this community.

Please make an effort to post to the correct category when making your posts.

We're looking forward to your great photography and hearing of your travel adventures!

This community needs moderators! If interested in moderating and helping contribute to the community, please contact me directly.
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I'm a college educated Information Technology Specialist. I currently work as a web designer and blogger. I also write a vast array of IT tutorials encompassing web design techniques, SEO, Social Media, Computer Networking, XML, and more. Always learning something new.
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Hey everyone, I'm Daniel, an easy going, cool, calm, quiet, and collect IT guy. I love computers, am an avid gamer, I drink tons of coffee, and am very easy to get along with :) I love G+, am the co-founder of Gamers Bay,, and Strategic Social Networking. Today I work to manage a social empire that comprises these brands along with many others. Feel free to connect with me. It's time to get social!
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