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Daniel Imbellino
"Tolerance is a Wonderful Thing!"
"Tolerance is a Wonderful Thing!"

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Where Social Networking Falls Short!
This article takes a deeper look at the pros and cons of networking on the web vs. networking in person. While it's true that the social spaces of the web provide an invaluable means to communicate with others, I've also learned from experience that communication in the digital realm often presents barriers that make the relationships we build with others online less meaningful than those we build in person. 

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This is another color vector graphics arcade game and a very challenging one. Gravitar is really tough, you have to fight the pull of gravity while also fighting enemies around you and avoiding terrain. In a previous video, I mentioned that the arcade game Black Widow was offered as a conversion kit for this game. The game was designed by Mike Hally, a lead designer for several Atari arcade cabinets, and he also worked on Atari's Star Wars Arcade. As I said this one is tough, don't expect incredibly skillful gameplay. Join me as we take a look at Gravitar.

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Atari Vault on Steam

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If you're looking to add new games to your classic collection, this is the place to buy from. 
Buy Used Games From A Reputable Dealer at Still-Luv-NES!
This is an online games store owned and operated by a trusted member of our staff, Brandon at +The Old School Game Vault ,who has worked to support Gamers Bay and has been a manager of the brand since 2013. He's been a video game dealer for the better part of a decade, and specializes in retro games, but sells current titles as well.

Feel free to check out his site and the many great old school games he has for sale. If you're looking to sell an old collection, check out Brandon's site The Old School Game Vault

Both sites also have integrated blogs that feature many great retro game reviews worth reading.

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College Scholarships for Playing Video Games?
Where were these when I was in college? As this article points out, more and more colleges are now offering E-Sports related curriculum, and given the enormous growth of e-sports as a whole, it would only make sense there were scholarships to go along with the programs. 

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This is quite sad, but I still respect her for the great actress she was! I know Fisher suffered from drug addiction for many years, its not like she was trying to hide it either. 

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This is why platforms like YouTube, and even our government need to do more to put the brakes on false news, and people like Alex Jones, who spread extreme negativity which often results in unjustified violence. As NBC's Megyn Kelly points out in this interview with Alex Jones, a woman was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison after sending death threats to a the parents of a Sandy Hook victim. She was heavily influenced by Alex Jones false statements that the tragedy was fake. The conviction ultimately proves this man's disgusting power to manipulate gullible and narrow minded individuals. Imagine losing your kids to such a tragedy, only realize there's now people threatening you because Alex Jones is manipulating the public into believing lies, and all in the name of profits.

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Atari Jumps Back into The Console Gaming Arena With The Atari Box!
The rumors are true, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has confirmed a new Atari console is in fact in the works! Behold the Atari Box! It appears the old school game publisher is going back to its roots, creating a new console that features Atari's classic wood grain finish, with Chesnais even stating the new console would be built using current PC based technology. Read the article for more!

This is from Gamers Bay's official publication on Medium!

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So, Trump is seeking to give an all or nothing ultimatum to the Cuban government in hopes of improving its human rights situation. My message to Trump is, what about the human rights abuses committed by the U.S government on the American people? Cuba has better human rights than we do for sure. They have universal healthcare, and anyone can see a doctor, no money needed. They also don't starve their people, while many Americans are forced to eat from trash cans or eat nothing at all. Our government is much worse than Cuba's, and Trump is obviously not living in the same reality as the average American who's now unemployed, or working jobs for junk wages. I had to eat from a trash can when I was 14, or simply starve. This country's leaders care nothing about their people at all, just finding ways to profit off of turning us all into slaves for their corporate friends.

Trump has no business pointing fingers at Cuba when the government he runs craps on its own people, and all in the name of profits. If he wants to judge the abuses of governments, he probably should be looking closer at the one he runs. 

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Palm Trees
Union Station, Los Angeles

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Looks like Amazon is set to acquire Whole Foods markets. It seems not everyone likes the idea, and I have to admit, I'm not excited about it either. Amazon has a penchant for replacing human jobs with automation, and many fear Amazon's quest for automation will cost many in the grocery industry their jobs. While there's nothing to indicate that Amazon would actually do that, I still think its a terrible idea that tech giants like this are taking over all of Americas businesses.

Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, along with others are calling for antitrust regulators to block the deal. This is why Americans are suffocating under a climate of low paying wages, its because giant corporations own everything. Too many monopolies, and they do nothing but turn us all into slaves for corporate greed.

I just can't envision an America where Amazon and Facebook own all our products and services, this is ridiculous, and regulators need to put the brakes on this crookedness before it gets any worse. 
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