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Celebrating 4 Years of Strategic Social Networking!
Now reaching well into the 4th year since our inception on the web, I've personally watched this now massive social organization grow from the 2,400 members that existed here when I first joined, to over 114,000 today, and constantly growing! Those 4 years of interacting with the best and brightest of the IT world has proven to me that real influence and authority on the web are not found within links, but rather in our ideas, and even more so in our own voice!
Strategic Social Networking celebrates 4 years of growing social strategies on the web!
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Daniel Imbellino

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Business does not happen in a vacuum.

Traffic to your web site, sales leads, incoming emails and inquiries via telephone do not occur without specific actions.
“WASHINGTON TECHNOLOGY” – Mark Amtower “Business does not happen in a vacuum. Traffic to your web site, sales leads, incoming emails and inquiries via telephone do not occur…
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Daniel Imbellino

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5 Ways Publishers Can Defeat Ad Blockers!
This post by Brian Hughes published on the Huffington Post outlines 5 creative ways that publishers can beat ad blockers at their own game! The post mentions the exponential growth of ad blockers, in which an estimated 200 million internet users worldwide have now adopted their use, and those numbers are expected to climb throughout 2016 over 236 million.
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Daniel Imbellino

Social Media  - 
How To Fail At Social Media!
This post outlines the many epic fails of content creators on social media. So here it is, the official epic fail seal of disapproval, and it's for all those who're too ignorant to realize what they're doing wrong.
A list of the many epic fails of users on social media, and how to avoid them yourself!
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We're def lucky to have you running this community +Daniel Imbellino.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Neo Geo Forums User NeoTurfMasta Gets His Hands on Long Lost Prototype!
A Neo Geo forums user who recently purchased a development board off of Yahoo's Japanese auction site appears to have uncovered a previously unreleased Neo Geo fighting game prototype. The video below shows the game in action, and another video released on Youtube shows the character select screen with unfinished artwork. The game is thought to be the never before released 1997 project titled "Dragon's Heaven." Here's more information and some screen shots:
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Daniel Imbellino

Content  - 
How To Deal With Rude Customers and Remain Sane!
Some interesting insights for those in the customer service industry. Often we're told when dealing with irate customers who're beyond rude to "Remain Calm", and "Don't Take it Personally", but often these are things that are easy said than done. It takes real experience to learn how to handle rough situations with customers, especially when you're often dealing with people you don't know.

Let's face it, we've all likely been the irate customer at some point in our lives, and if there's one thing I cannot stand, it's being given an apology with no real positive solution. As the article states, "A good apology accepts responsibility. It provides real details about what happened and what you’re doing to prevent it from happening again."
Yep! Real sincere apologies always lead to real solutions!
Dealing with a rude customers can turn a whole day into a nightmare. Here are a couple of tips helping to gain rudeness immunity!
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+Davina Ngei I know what you mean. I can't count how many times I've had customer service reps tell me, "I'm sorry", yet they do absolutely nothing to help fix the problem. It's like they're just leading us along until we hang up the phone. I've had countless times I've contacted ebay's customer service and hung up the phone because I realized the CS I was speaking to didn't care to help. I call back and get someone different, and all of sudden the new CS wants to help and finds a solution.
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Daniel Imbellino

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Adblocking Is More Popular Than ever, But Is It Costing You Money?

You either support #adblocking or you don’t!

Recent stats however show that people are now more aware of adblocking software and are willing to use it.

With this in mind, it’s getting increasingly harder to see why online #advertisers are still backing a disruptive user experience to generate data and #leads.. rather than working harder on their #creativestrategy to attract a core base of targeted customers that will help them grow in the long-term.

Read on..
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Daniel Imbellino

Content  - 
Getty Images Accuses Google of Promoting Photo Piracy!
Yep, Google has been robbing us of our images too! Getty's Complaint is that Google provides the ability for individuals to download images directly within its image search results, without sending users to their sites. The problem stems from the fact that, when users click on an image based search result, Google takes the user to an intermediary page rather than the publisher's website, and they provide the ability for the user to download the image directly. This robs publishers of traffic and revenue and we've long been concerned with Google's blatant disregard for others intellectual property.

Last month alone we had 328,778 impressions for our graphics in Google's image search results, and we received just 599 clicks, and it's because of that intermediary page. Google should be sending people directly to sites when users click on an image, not to an intermediary page. Google does this to keep traffic on their search results and away from publishers sites. The losses for us are incredible to say the least. Why is Google serving our content to users outside of our websites? They might as well just scrape an entire article and throw their ads on it! They're crooks. Google is earning tens of billions annually from ad revenue, yet all the publishers like us are flat broke.

Whatever happened to "Don't Be Evil?" I guess that doesn't apply to Google. We all work to publish content so Google executives can buy fancy cars and private islands, while the rest of us starve to death.

Google gave Getty only two choices: accept the new image format, or opt out of its image search altogether. In response, I'm going to give Google only 2 choices, either respect the intellectual property rights of others or I and the rest of your own social network will turn against you!

Getty represents hundreds of thousands of artists around the globe that rely on the sales of their images in order to feed their families! Google has made it clear, they don't care.
Getty Images, the US photography agency, has accused Google of enabling photo piracy and undermining its business. Getty will file a formal complaint with the European Union's antitrust commission...
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+Michael Pearson But without publishers, there would be no Google search. They need publishers as much as the publishers need them. Even if they yanked publishers sites our of their image results, this doesn't make up for the $billions they've already stolen from them over the last few years.

Sure, Google could start yanking sites content out, but what good is a search engine if there's nothing to search for? Google doesn't publish much of anything themselves, they rely on the publishers for content. Interesting insights you gave though, thanks for your feedback Michael!
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Daniel Imbellino

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Shadow Warrior 2 Set To Change The FPS/Hack n Slash Genre Forever!
Poland based Indie development studio "Flying Wild Hog" brings forth the evolution of FPS/Hack n Slash style game play to new heights! Players take on the role of the word wielding, gun toting warrior Lo Wang, in an graphically inspiring open-world FPS like no other! We're yet to see an official release date, but we know it's coming soon enough!

The game is set to be released on OSX, Windows, PS4, XBOX One, and Linux. WOW! So, can't to play this! Your thoughts? IGN called it "Mortal Kombat The Shooter!"

The game will also feature an awesome 4 player co-op mode, dual wield weapons, an incredibly immersive open-world environment, and it runs on a proprietary graphics engine like no other!
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Daniel Imbellino

Announcements  - 
It's been 4 awesome years! Many thanks to all who support us!
Celebrating 4 Years of Gamers Bay - Building A Gaming News Empire!
Over the last 4 years our gaming organization has succeeded where others failed by bridging the gap between gaming news, reviews, and online games, integrating these aspects together as an all-in-one experience! Many thanks to all who've supported us!
Join in the discussion in our Google+ Community:
Play hundreds of the best free games on the web:
Gamers Bay celebrates it's 4th year on the web as a gaming news organization!
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+The Gaming Effect ™ Thank you friend :)
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Daniel Imbellino

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Hi Everyone! 

I recently made a full review on the very first  #DynastyWarriors  game for the  #Sony   #Playstation  (Link Attached) 

As my channel is going to include more from the series in the future, I have decided to promote my Dynasty Warriors videos around on Google+ as I am a huge fan of the franchise myself and I'm really starting to use Google+ a lot more myself.

I am currently working on a full review for "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms" for the NES.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the first game in the franchise, give this video a click and take a look for yourself, and if you want to discuss anything just pop a comment below and I'll get back to you :)


#DynastyWarriors    #Koei   #Fighting   #Game   #China   #Tecmo   #PS1   #PS   #Playstation  
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Daniel Imbellino

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Baron's Door - A Free To Play Action-Adventure Platformer Online!
Players take on the role of a viking warrior who's set out to rid a medieval  castle of the evil forces the lurk within. The game features a number of challenging obstacles, hidden doorways that take you deeper into the castle, and aggressive enemies that will take real skill to defeat. Best of all it's free to play!
Battle a world of skeletal warriors in the castle of Baron's Door, a free action-adventure platformer online!
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I'm a college educated Information Technology Specialist. I currently work as a web designer and blogger. I also write a vast array of IT tutorials encompassing web design techniques, SEO, Social Media, Computer Networking, XML, and more. Always learning something new.
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"Tolerance is a Wonderful Thing!"
Hey everyone, I'm Daniel, an easy going, cool, calm, quiet, and collect IT guy. I love computers, am an avid gamer, I drink tons of coffee, and am very easy to get along with :) I love G+, am the co-founder of Gamers Bay,, and Strategic Social Networking. Today I work to manage a social empire that comprises these brands along with many others. Feel free to connect with me. It's time to get social!
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