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OK, I trapped a feral cat that has been stealing my cats food.  I want to release it near me, but also want to tranq it before I put it in my truck bed.  I have Acepromazine for the horses, and it's 10mg/mL.  Dosing for felines is .5-1mg/lb.  I have a bunch of 1/2 cc insulin syringes.  Not sure the weight of the cat, but do you think that .25cc of the 10mg/mL solution given IM would be a safe dose?
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I have no idea, but I want to know how you plan to get close enough to give the cat a shot, without incurring massive blood loss? Your blood, not the cat's.
It's in a Hav-A-Hart trap right now.  I can use some of those poles you use to mark your driveway to "trap" it in the back side of the trap by sliding them through the trap, then give it a intramuscular injection.
How the hell would anyone who isn't a vet know that?
We can take a fair guess, but let's not proceed along these lines. Because:

a) I'm not a vet
b) you're not a vet
c) we ought not be injecting things with stuff

Put unpenetrated cat in a box with holes in, drive a bit, open the box.
+Capricia Pallasso , if you take at look at the video I posted, you can see the injuries the cat has done to itself being in the trap.  I fear that driving it around might make it freak out more, causing it to really injure itself.  Ace is an accepted cat tranq for things such as grooming/vet visits/etc... so I just want to verify dosages.
Sorry, I missed the earlier posts (even the ones in this thread).  But still, I doubt anyone is going to be comfortable giving you the go-ahead.  I'm sure not. I understand your reasons, but most of us wouldn't want to be responsible for an ex-kitty. 
My sister has me do stuff like that all the time.  But she's a vet and can tell me exactly what to do.
According to the literature for the Ace: "Safe - no adverse reaction noted at up to three times the upper limit of recommended dosage."
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