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OK people, I need help. I need to make a Rebecca Black Black Friday song. If you write it, I will totally sing it in my best Rebecca Black voice. I'm hoping we can get some support from Ben Popken or The Consumerist and post the resulting video on Consumerist as the Official Black Friday song. Any takers?
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That sounds horrible, +Steve Davidson...and thoroughly humiliating. Consequently, I will strongly consider writing a rough draft for you to sing.
I, I, I, so excited. I so excited. I'm gonna save some money today!
BTW, if I am not around/awake tomorrow, could someone please post this idea in the open thread?
Which of these things are you asking for?

• an instrumental track of "Friday" to sing along to
• an awful pop song about Friday
• an awful pop song in the spirit of "Friday", but with a different subject
I need a song to the tune of Friday, about Black Friday.
If you shoot this, I will post it on Consumerist. I may even write you some parody lyrics myself.
See, this requires me to actually listen to Friday. The result of which ends up being blood leaking from my ears. Damn challenges.
Well, at least The Mikado is out of my head, having been replaced by Loverboy.

I used to write song parodies professionally for a morning radio show prep syndication outfit, and still dabble in the genre when I'm not voicing cartoons and other voice over work. Here's my latest parody from earlier this year, for your reference:

I can bang this out for you in about an hour, if you want me to, but I just need to know if you plan to record the full-length song, or would prefer a more radio comedy friendly length of about a minute and a half.

Please advise,

That's awesome, Mike! I'm also a Tom Lehrer fan, though I didn't know it until I started revisiting some of my favorite Animaniacs numbers on YouTube.
Thanks, Tom. Glad you got the reference.
Patrice Wilson, who wrote the song, said it only took him about half an hour to make. Then again, when lyrics are shoehorned in with reckless disregard for meter, the writer is bound to shave off a few minutes.
Use a crowbar if you have to. Given the source material, no one will see the scratch marks.
Done. Phew! That's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

Steve, you have a link to the Google Docs document in your email. Tom, I hope you'll see and hear the results in due time.
Can't wait to see/hear it!
Thanks, Ben. And thanks for the tip! (I'd love to share the lyrics right now, but I'm sure you'll understand the need for discretion until they receive Steve's approval.)
OK, just got back from the flea market, and I have farm chores to do. I will totes read them when I get b ack inside!!!11!!!
What are your plans for shooting the video? I'd like to help with the production if I can!
Well, I wasn't planning on video, but I guess I could swing a wig and purple tank top.
I by "swing" you mean "retrieve from the closet". Gotta make your mind up: which wig can you take?
I don't actually own any wigs. I know, surprising.
Oh please. No one believes that's your real hair.
I just quickly drafted something up-- where do I send it?

Edit: Okay, found out I can e-mail you, and did so-- reply back, and I'll send the lyrics along.
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