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OK, new challenge.  Show me #WhatsInYourPants .  Being on your belt counts as well.
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I don't even have any lint in my pants pockets. 
Are you saying you want a picture of my girlie drawers or my butt? I am not thinking I should share.
Maybe there is a reason they call me Inspector Gadget at work...
I've got one dollar and a nickel in one pocket and my iPhone in the other. Oh and there is a pen in my shirt pocket. That's it. 
Most days, yes +Eric Johnston .  Things I don't use nearly every day are the coins, the pill holder(more coins) and the zippo in the black case. 
No, only the seatbelt cutter and maglite holder are on my belt.
did you shoot the 50 straight, or get the patch at a flea market?

As for me, I have a wallet, a dollar coin, (so I'm never broke), a swiss army knife, a pill box with meds, a bottle of nitro and me phone.
I found that patch, and it covers most of the holes from the stitches of the original patches.
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