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Wait... it's April?
I here by shamefully admit that it wasn't until a few days ago that i actually realised that it was April. Yes, that's right... I was convinced that it was still March. However that is not the case as it in fact Easter! I am a little upset that i didn't get...

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You Against Me - Jenny Downham
Welcome to what i do believe is my very first book review! How exiting!  Today i will be reviewing You Against Me by Jenny Downham. I recently finished this book and just had to share it. However do just bear with me because like i said this is my very firs...

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Monthly Bucket list - March 2014
Okay, so it has been a little while but i am back! I literally can't believe that it is march already and this year is going way too fast. So with this in mind, i wanted to introduce a new feature that i shall TRY to keep up with. Now i know that it is a li...

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Beauty wishlist
For today's post i have decided that i am going to share with you, my 'beauty wishlist'. Now to be honest this list often changes but i figured i would show you what it is looking like at this present moment in time.  Lets get started because there are quit...

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Lush - Golden Wonder review
(excuse my weird hand position) For today's post, i am doing yet another Lush review. Just incase you somehow missed it, i am obsessed with Lush. So i really enjoy going out and trying their products and today i am reviewing a bath bomb. This one was part o...

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Lush - Christmas eve bubble bar review
So today i will be reviewing yet another Lush product. I do tend to do quite a few reviews for Lush as it is one of my favourite stores. Today's product is a bubble bar. This product was also part of the Christmas range that Lush bring out every year, so un...

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Lush- Star light, Star bright Review
Lush is one of my favourite shops around.  Some people can't stand the smell and really are't all that impressed with the store. However, i am obsessed. Lush products smell wonderful and are so good for your skin as well as looking super pretty. What's not ...

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So i came across this other day, which is when is finally hit me. In approx a weeks time we will be in a new year. Next year is going to be a very exiting year for me and i really  liked this little quote. The years just go faster and faster  and sometimes ...

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November favourites
My oh my, is it December already? November has gone so fast, it's crazy!  This past month despite having a wonderful birthday, has been pretty stressful.  Therefore i am happily welcoming December. I hope this month consists of many happy memories and i sim...
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